ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack prices

ZMI Powerpack No. 2020 provides maximum output power of 100W for USB-C1 port, maximum output power of USB-C2 port and 100W maximum output power for USB-A port. The total active output power of these three ports is 210W. Compared to USB-C battery packs on the market (usually less than 60 W when USB-C power is low), the ZMI Powerpack No. 20 is enough to power your equipment and ensure efficient productivity.

The USB-C1 port can provide the MacBook Pro (A2141) with a core charge comparable to the original 96W charger, which can charge a laptop at 75% in just one hour.

With this “lightning charging speed”, the iPhone 12 can be fully charged. It only takes 1.75 hours to charge. Whether you are sitting at home working, studying, taking pictures or playing games, ZMI Powerpack No. 20 can solve all the charging problems of the device. Use only one universal compatible power bank to charge and enjoy your activities.

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Review

2 The output ports on USB support Quick Charge 3.0 (left and right of the figure).
1 USB-C input / output port supporting Power Delivery 3.0 (center of figure). Provide lightning fast charging for Thunderbolt 3 laptops, Nintendo switches etc.
Fast charging: The USB-C port can also be used as input, so charging the powerpack is easy and fast.

It can be fully charged from 0% in 3 hours via a 45W USB PD power adapter, can be charged in 5.5 hours with an 18W QC-enabled plug, or can be charged in 9.3 hours with a 10/12W iPad plug.
With each purchase you will receive high-quality ZMI USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB cables, which will ensure that you can get fast charging speeds with this device.

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Features

Compatible Apple laptops: MacBook 2015 or higher; MacBook Pro 2016 or higher; MacBook Air 2018 or higher. A compatible Windows laptop should have a rechargeable USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port. Supports USB 2.0 hub mode (data)

USB-C (used individually) supports 65W USB PD 3.0. PDO: 5V𝌂3A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂3A, 15V𝌂3A, 20V𝌂3.25A. PPS: 5V-11V𝌂4A, 5V-20V𝌂3A. USB-C (used in conjunction with the USB port) supports 45W USB PD 3.0. PDO: 5-15V𝌂3A20V𝌂2.25A. PPS: 5-11V𝌂4A, 5-20V𝌂2.25A
Supports QC 3.0 on both USB (used when unplugging ports on other USB), its 5V 2.4A9V 2A12V 1.5A (maximum 18W)Two USB ports (when used simultaneously) provide 3A connected at 5V (15W total)

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Specification 

BATTERY:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
WEIGHT:15.6 ounces
DIMENSIONS:6.31 x 3.22 x 0.83 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack, user mannual


ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Price

If You Want to buy ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack You Can Get This Product ₹7217.82 INR Rupees.
And This ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Price in Global Market $99 USD

ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Price in USD $99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
ZMI 20 Most Powerful PowerPack Price in India ₹7217.82 RUPEES


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