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ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock review

Meet the world’s first foldable biometric bicycle shield ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock. Gliok is the best companion for frequent travel. It adopts advanced communication technology and simple design, which can provide active protection when folded for convenient storage.
GIlock develops in the following areas:
Safe3 Secure Unlocking Method: Fingerprint, Bluetooth and extra keys

ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Review

ES AS 128 encryption
98 cm of dense material
Ock Lock Sharing: Xlock Access Grant
-Always warn of online theft
IP67 waterproof
GIlock is not just a silent defender, an active bike guard who attaches you to your bike. GIlock provides active protection through fingerprint and keyless access to smart phones, always on-the-go alarm, easy-to-store function and reliable smart function, all of which are foldable and secure.

Nowadays, biometric technology has been widely used in security systems ব্যা banking, social security, residential security, and your smartphone is the most common. Any fingerprint is unique and hard to copy.
The GIlock 508 DPI is equipped with a high resolution capacitive sensing touch screen, which can realize safe and fast keyless unlocking operation. Low-power components mean it’s ready for your next ride. Pair Zylock with your smartphone via the always-on Bluetooth connection and you can wake up Zylock and unlock it instantly with one click.
All wireless communications are encrypted with ES128 protection. Farewell to the dullness of the old lock. Let’s go first.

ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Features

ES 128 encryption
AES 128 Encrypted Bluetooth system effectively protects your privacy. It is considered to be an extremely robust and reliable solution.
Tempered steel bar
Zylock uses heat-treated steel to give it a strong structure that is not easy to deform or penetrate.

Elastic strip and seamless rivets
Each part is made of 6.5 mm rod which is seamlessly connected by high-strength rivets with a diameter of 7 mm, allowing the zigzag to withstand harsh impacts, pressures and forces.
12 ton hydraulic knife shear resistance
After testing, it can withstand the impact of a 12 ton hydraulic cutting machine. GILK has great resistance, even professional thieves can’t easily beat it.
Anti-drilling and temper-proof

Zihlock uses advanced stamping methods to manufacture alloy steel housings. Strong attacks on the lock can be prevented by high resistance to twisting and pricing.
Durable IP67 waterproof
All components are arranged in a compact, waterproof structure, which allows the zeolite to withstand immersion in water for more than 30 minutes. Heavy rainfall, silt and dust pose no threat.

ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$119.32
PACKAGE CONTENT:ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock, user mannual


ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Price

If You Want to buy ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock You Can Get This Product 8849  INR Rupees.
And This ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Price in Global Market $119.32 USD

ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Price in USD $119.32 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
ZiiLock Foldable and Proactive Bike Lock Price in India ₹8849  RUPEES


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