Zeb Sonata 4.1 Speaker reviews and price

Zeb Sonata 4.1 Speaker reviews and price

Zeb Sonata is a powerful 4.1 speaker, which comes with 4 satellites 7.62cms drivers and it also has a powerful subwoofer with a large 16.51cms driver. If you are thinking to enjoy movies or music or games, then you can choose Zeb Sonata 4.1 without any hesitation because this speaker has multi-connectivity options for effortless playback.

You can found this speaker with multi-color light. You can start Your day with a song through this speaker in the morning, it can make your little easy, and make your morning fresh. Because the sound quality of this speaker is too good.

Zeb Sonata 4.1


Descriptions of Zeb Sonata 4.1

Zeb Sonata is a 4.1 speaker, which comes with 4 satellites with 7.62cms drivers. This speaker also has a powerful subwoofer with a 16.51cms driver. You can found this amazing speaker with multi-color light. Another best thing is this speaker also has multi-connectivity options, such as SD card, USB, wireless Bt, etc.

You can connect this speaker with various devices like TV, computers, DTH, etc, and enjoy a good movie, music, or game. This speaker also has AUX input, which comes with a built-in FM Radio. Staring a day with good music through this speaker can make your day a little easy in this busy life. Zeb Sonata 4.1 will be a good option for a music lover.

Zeb Sonata 4.1


Specification of Zeb Sonata 4.1

Zeb Sonata 4.1 is an amazing and powerful speaker, the output power (RMS) of this speaker is 105 watts. The subwoofer power of 45 watts and satellites power of 15 watts*4. This speaker has a subwoofer of 16.51cm, and a satellite of 7.62*4 cms driver, which is too good. The frequency response of this speaker is 50Hz-18Hz. It has an S/N Ratio of >75db and a separation of >38db.

Zeb Sonata 4.1

Even another best part of this speaker is various file format support (SD, USB) in this speaker, such as WMA, MP3, WAV. The line input of this speaker is 2ch RCA. The total memory size of this speaker is 32GB, which is amazing. You can found in this speaker FM frequency range of 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz. The BT version of this speaker is 5.0.


Dimension of Zeb Sonata 4.1

The package dimension (W*D*H) of this speaker is 618*273*420 mm. The width of the subwoofer is 230mm, and the satellite is 100mm. The height of the subwoofer is 375 mm, and the satellite is 375 mm. The total weight of this speaker is 8.9 kg. The subwoofer weight is 5.62kg, and the satellite weight is 820g*4.

Zeb Sonata 4.1

Design of Zeb Sonata 4.1

Not only it’s sound quality is good, but besides its design also totally unique. Zeb Sonata comes with a stylish design and multi-color led light, which creates the right ambiance. The subwoofer is always easy to use because there have intuitive controls in front. The total design of this speaker is very good.

Zeb Sonata 4.1


Features of Zeb Sonata 4.1

Besides the unique design, this speaker also has so many modern features, which can help you to use this speaker easily. Now let’s see its amazing features:

  • This speaker has a 4.1 speaker channel, which makes its sound quality too good.
  • This speaker has a 16.51cm subwoofer.
  • The Subwoofer comes with multi-color light, which makes the speaker look more pretty.
  • This speaker has a LED display.
  • Another important feature is, this speaker has various connectivity systems, such as wireless BT, SD, FM, AUX, USB, etc. You can easily connect with your TV, computer, DTH, etc.
  • This speaker has a remote control system in front, which you can easily control with a remote. The sound quality of this speaker is too good.

Zeb Sonata 4.1

Price of Zeb Sonata 4.1

You can found this amazing sound system at a very low price. The price of this Zeb Sonata 4.1 speaker is Rs. 10,999,00. If you are a music lover then you can choose this one without any hesitation. This speaker will be a good option for you.

The Price of Zeb Sonata 4.1 Speaker is Rs. 4,999,00.

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