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ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF price in India, USA, Review

The new Zapbox is a revolutionary step in Japar’s mission of success to bring mixed and affordable reality technology to new markets. Zapbox enables content creators and developers to create truly immersive experiences.
Zapbox has been completely redesigned and redesigned from previous research cardboard iterations of the product to provide a massively improved experience and a size suitable for the mass market while maintaining unprecedented prices.

ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Review

A new revolutionary step for Jumper to bring popular and affordable mixed reality technology to new markets is Japbox Content creators and developers creating truly immersive 6-DOF mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences for an unbeatable price of 40. . In fact, Zapbox has been completely redesigned and redesigned from previous exploration cardboard repetitions to provide a better experience. Maintaining an unprecedented price, it is now suitable for a huge market.

Also, this MR setup comes with two fully tracked controllers and a Unity plugin. It allows you to create perfectly tracked mixed reality and virtual reality content to provide an immersive experience that allows you to move and interact with the content. This 6-DOF mixed reality gadget has a minimal, light and comfortable design that lets you take part in the real world.

ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Features

The brand-new Zapbox has a brand-new designed brand-new headset that can use existing smartphones to provide immersive MR and VR experience. The headphones provide an almost uninterrupted peripheral view of the real world, which can blend naturally into the immersive content displayed in 3D in front of the user.

MR’s video perspective settings allow for completely opaque content and real black, while direct peripheral visitors make the user feel closer to the real world. It includes a pair of 6-DOF controllers to provide physical and intuitive interaction, as well as an ultra-wide camera adapter that provides a more immersive MR experience and extends the range of controller tracking.

Unity plugin will enable developers to create native iOS or Android applications using their own Zapbox content. You can use Zappar’s dedicated ZapWorks Studio tools to create content and view it quickly in the ZapBox app.

ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF, user mannual


ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Price

If You Want to buy ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF You Can Get This Product ₹2954.04 INR Rupees.
And This ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Price in Global Market $40 USD

ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Price in USD $40 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
ZapBox takes affordable 6-DoF Price in India ₹2954.04 RUPEES


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