XL Speaker Giant Earbud price in India, USA, Review

The XL’s Bluetooth speakers deliver full and natural sound with deeper bass than you would expect. Built-in Bluetooth function, wireless connection can be easily realized anytime and anywhere. It includes FM radio and hands-free microphone for hands-free calls. Now, it is compatible with long battery life, 4 playback modes, a USB charging port and all devices.
The XL is designed for fashion and simplicity.

Rugged and compact, it can withstand any adventure. With 360 degree real sound and 3D basic stereo it can continue the party. Bring deep bass and clear sound. Control it from your Bluetooth device and take the music with you. You will never get the tune you like.

XL Speaker Giant Earbud

XL Speaker Giant Earbud Review

The design of XL speaker giant earplugs can increase your space and turn your head. Not only that, this Bluetooth speaker can also make great audio. In fact, you can connect two XL speakers together in stereo mode for surround sound. Also, connect it to your favorite FM radio station, then use a high-definition microphone to answer the call. Using Bluetooth 5.0, this huge earbud can reach a range of 30 meters, so you won’t be stuck in one place.

It has a memory card slot, a TF card reader and a USB thumb drive port. Its 3.5mm USB cable connection means you can use your old phone or iPod. Therefore, XL speakers allow you to play music from almost any source. Choose from a variety of interesting colors (blue, yellow, green, pink, black and white) to add space in an interesting way.

XL Speaker Giant Earbud

XL Speaker Giant Earbud Features

With long battery life and strong compatibility, it can be played anywhere. This speaker is good for traveling, relaxing or starting a party. Perfect for outdoor activities, gathering with friends / family, ticking videos.
With a standard 3.5mm headphone jack it is compatible with computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets etc. It has a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about uninterrupted charging.

Thanks to the large capacity battery of 1200mAh, the speaker can last up to 3 hours. Easy to use simple buttons including simple power switch, volume control, stop / play, go to next song and mode control to include USB port and comes with standard assistant / charging cable

XL Speaker Giant Earbud

XL Speaker Giant Earbud Specification 

Playback Modes:4
COLOR:White, Black, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue


XL Speaker Giant Earbud Price

If You Want to buy XL Speaker Giant Earbud You Can Get This Product ₹2915.50 INR Rupees.
And This XL Speaker Giant Earbud Price in Global Market $39.99 USD

XL Speaker Giant Earbud Price in USD $39.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
XL Speaker Giant Earbud Price in India ₹2915.50 RUPEES


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