XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum price in India, USA

Other robot vacuum cleaners on the market can either fool or simply manually empty empty garbage cans to navigate, most of which also do not have vacuum and MOP functions. They may not have much practical application and end up being just decorations.
Here, we introduce you to the XCLEA H30 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner and 2-in-1 MOP Cleaner, which has its own automatically emptied dust collection base, which can free your hands completely.

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Review

Most robot vacuum cleaners can empty the dust box only in suction mode, and most robot vacuum cleaners and MOP vacuum cleaners when the water tank is installed and there is no vacuum in MOP mode. None of these are fully automatic The XCLA intelligent self-draining dust collection base optimizes the vacuum degree of the robot and dust collector within the structure and realizes the original automatically. You no longer need to manually remove the water tank before switching to dust collection mode. Everything is convenient, which can save a lot of time and energy.

The suction force of 23 kPa is equal to 3 m long water column. Under this strong pressure, the self-vacuum base will suck to remove all the hair and large particles from the robot’s trash can. At the same time, XCLA optimizes the transmission structure and adopts a direct suction transmission method, which reduces dust vortices in the channel without interfering. Avoid rare and maintenance hassles. XCLA adds convenience and peace of mind to your life.

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Features

The self-draining base is equipped with an extra large dust bag of 3 liters, which has a huge capacity, equivalent to 30 garbage bins. It can hold 2000 square meters of dust. This greatly reduces the frequency of dust handling by yourself and keeps your hands clean at all times. Also, with its unique antibacterial and deodorizing system you don’t have to worry about bacteria and odor. Just throw it away when the bag is full.
The mop pad attached to the XCLA grips the soil tightly and cleans the most stubborn dirt and stains on the floor. The unique mop path mimics the behavior of human mop, making cleaning more regular and efficient.

Equipped with a 250 mg large intelligent control water tank and 3-level water flow control device, it is enough to easily clean a 300 square meter house. The sophisticated electronic control water tank can create a uniform mop, which will not leave any water droplets on the floor after air drying.
Super suction power up to 2700Pa is used for deep cleaning and can easily lift dust, dirt, peel, debris, cat litter, hair etc. Can make floor and carpet cleaning more effective. 2 Dynamic variable speed side brushes automatically adjust the speed according to different cleaning conditions of edges and corners. Improving the quality of cleaning by not leaving any dust.

High-precision filtration of XCLA makes it more perfectly clean. The suction inlet of the large suspension is close to the ground for deep cleaning, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency. Easily remove all embedded dust from grooves on the floor.
XCLA can sense the environment and find an optimized cleaning program instead of rotating randomly. LDS 4.0.0 Leader Navigation, Simultaneous Positioning and Mapping (SLAM) technology makes the XCLA the most intelligent device ever, like the “brain” of a super intelligent robot.

Use various detection sensors, infrared cliffs, walls, collision sensors and electronic compass, accelerometer, speedometer etc. XCLA can scan 360 degrees to remember its location and the planned route Finding solutions and ensuring the safety of all valuables.

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Specification 



XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Price

If You Want to buy XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum You Can Get This Product ₹37,007 INR Rupees.
And This XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Price in Global Market $499 USD

XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Price in USD $499 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
XCLEA Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum Price in India ₹37,007 RUPEES


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