X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick price in INDIA,USA, Review

X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick, When you have X Picks versatile guitar and bass picks, you can play your instrument without touching the strings. Just slap on the electromagnetic field! Offering the benefits of many items you’d normally have to buy separately, this isn’t a magic gadget – it’s science. It is made entirely of neodymium with highly calibrated magnetic properties and has a nickel-copper-nickel coating.

It has a final coating of epoxy or gold. It gives you the right amount of grip and protects it from wear. It is only 2 mm thick and has comfortable rounded sides that can be used as rails. Also, it has axial magnetization with 2 polarities, top and bottom of the magnet, so it works with any type of pickup. Finally, the case has a clear rubber interior that locks the pedals in place, and a kickstand lets you display it anywhere.

X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick

X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Review

The X-Pick is a galactic pick made entirely of neodymium and can do great tricks on your instrument thanks to its highly calibrated magnetism! If it seems too good to be true, if it seems magical, strange, absurd and disturbing, then prepare to be mesmerized by the beloved musicians from around the world!
The most important thing to know is that X-Pick works just like our electronic instruments! Magnetism and Electromagnetism! That means, we offer thousands more ways for electronic devices to spread sound in the most natural way possible!

Once you try it, you will see that it is truly an essential ingredient and definitely not an alternative to your usual choice! No, not necessarily! Again take advantage of its magnetic properties, attach it to your guitar and only use it when you want to do something spectacular!

X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick

X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Features

It has a coating called Ni-Cu-Ni or Ni-Cu-Ni-Epoxy or Ni-Cu-Ni-Gold i.e. a nickel-copper-nickel composition and a final layer of epoxy or gold for finger contact for better grip. on contact, as well as protection from wear.
It has axial magnetization, the magnet has two polarities, top and bottom, and is able to work on any type of pickup; No other magnet in the world has these properties and a lot of research has been done to get this patent.

This way you can interact with the electromagnetic field of the pickup, just with the tip of the pickup, with the energy of a neodymium magnet, but all concentrated on the short side of the tip.Since it’s hard to explain how X-Pick’s magnetic fields work, we created a video specifically to show them in action using iron powder, allowing us to see them both statically and dynamically! Good eyesight!

X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick

X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Specification 

Axial Position:Tip w/ 90º
Diametral Position:Tip w/ 60º
Thickness:2 mm
DIMENSIONS:24 x 25 mm


X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Price

If You Want to buy X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick You Can Get This Product ₹2885.89 INR Rupees.
And This X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Price in Global Market $36.20 USD

X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Price in USD $36.20 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
X Pick Guitar and Bass Pick Price in India ₹2885.89 RUPEES


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