WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds review

Introducing W2 to Edge, the world’s first true two-way simultaneous translation ear plague that allows you to translate in real time while you speak and listen, and deliver what you say to the listener’s ears in 0.5 seconds. The ultimate tool for breaking language barriers with up to 95% accuracy in 40 languages ​​and 93 pronunciations – whether you’re completing a transaction via a video call or making friends at a hotel bar. And no awkward breaks or interpreters, just a quick and accurate translation can immerse you in the art of conversation. From board meetings to ordering meals at restaurants, you can speak with confidence without an interpreter.

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Review

Translator earplugs are still like the old walkie-talkies. Only one person can speak at a time and everyone else is waiting for their turn. Translation effective. But the conversation is by no means normal.
Those days are gone.
With WT to Edge, it’s your turn to speak. Edge is the first pair of earplugs to provide true two-way simultaneous translation, meaning you can speak and listen to another person’s translation at the same time, which is exactly what the conversation is about.

Don’t stop awkwardly and wait for this long mate. So, your conversation flows naturally from ear to ear.
W2 Edge earplugs know that your voice is unique. That’s why they use dual beamforming microphones and directional speech recognition to focus your voice and distinguish it from other nearby words. That way, you never bother the person sitting next to you.

To make the translation more accurate, Edge EdgePags use intelligent noise reduction technology to filter out noise from chaotic backgrounds. Make sure your information is not confused with motorcycle traffic and pen clicks. Therefore, your message will be loud and clear when you speak.

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Features

The chance to knock twice is rare. Therefore, wherever you are, WT2 Edge will use 15 servers worldwide to provide you with the fastest translation speeds. How fast would you ask? The Edge can provide simultaneous two-way translation in 0.5 to 3 seconds.

Bring you professional-level translation to help your board meetings and clients sit down and move forward smoothly.
Connecting becomes very easy. Simul mode can help you connect with one another and communicate face to face easily. Just share your W2 edge earbuds with your partner and both of your words will be translated in real time with the opportunity for natural two-way communication without translation. The way the dialogue should be.

The microphone is always yours. With touch mode, you don’t have to talk to each other in multi-person meetings. When you have something to say and you can control the conversation, just tap the ear bud. When it’s your turn to speak, the other microphones will be muted, and your message will be translated and sent to everyone who is listening. When you’re done talking and ready to listen, simply tap the earbuds again to let others know. It is the ideal host for your cross-cultural meetings.

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds, user mannual


WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Price

If You Want to buy WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds You Can Get This Product 9481 INR Rupees.
And This WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Price in Global Market $129 USD

WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Price in USD $129 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
WT2 Edge Simultaneous 2-Way Earbuds Price in India ₹9481 RUPEES


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