Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Review

Withings Thermo smart Thermometer is a game changer. A quick, easy, touch-free gesture now creates the most accurate temperature, and syncing automatically with a dedicated app lets you track temperature readings, receive reminders, and access relevant symptoms / medications directly on your smartphone.
Temperature measurement comes from the temporal artery, which is considered the best place to detect temperature changes because the blood that circulates there comes from the body’s core.

Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer

Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Review

Withings Thermo Easily measure your temperature instantly with the Smart Time Thermometer. With 16 infrared sensors, it is extremely precise and accurate, giving you reliable results. Also, it measures temperature very quickly and gives you a color-coded fever indicator.

So you need to see your doctor at a glance. It does not require skin contact and is a healthy, non-invasive way of measuring body temperature. It makes it suitable for everyone from children to adults. Conveniently, the gadget automatically syncs all the data you need, so health advice automatically appears in the Thermo app based on your situation. Up to 8 users can store their personal temperature history on this thermometer and share information with their doctor. Lasts up to 2 years with 2 AAA batteries.

Readings are displayed on the device with a color-coded LED that tells you whether the temperature is normal, high or hot, depending on the age of the user.
Enjoy 1cm contactless scanning from your forehead. Unlike other thermometers, the thermometer does not need to come in contact with any bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat or ear wax. This is the healthiest way to measure anyone’s temperature because there is no need to clean the thermo in every measurement

Thermo supports up to eight users. The name will be displayed on the device and once assigned, the text will be displayed in the correct profile in the Dedicated app.
Measurements are automatically synchronized with your smartphone. The Thermo app provides advanced health advice based on age, fever history and symptoms. Boston Children’s offers educational information on thermia, appropriate medications and dosages.

Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer

Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Features

High Accuracy – FDA approved, Thermo has 16 infrared sensors that provide extremely accurate results.
Quick and easy – ultra-fast measurement with color-coded fever indicator.
No skin contact required – ultra-healthy, non-invasive measure.
Automatic Sync – Every measurement and health consultation data is automatically displayed in the Thermo app via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android️).

Multi-user friendly – up to 8 users can access and share their personal temperature history with doctors and the thermometer can accommodate unlimited users in guest mode.
Long Battery Life – Thermo lasts up to 2 years on two standard AAA batteries (included).

Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer

Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Specification 

BATTERY Life:2 Yrs
Sensors:16 Infrared
WEIGHT:2.72 Ounces
DIMENSIONS:4.57 x 1.31 x 1.31 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Withings Thermo smart Thermometer, user mannual


Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Price

If You Want to buy Withings Thermo smart Thermometer You Can Get This Product ₹7515.94 INR Rupees.
And This Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Price in Global Market $99.95 USD

Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Price in USD $99.95 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Withings Thermo smart Thermometer Price in India ₹7515.94 RUPEES


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