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Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger

Many heating cups are over-designed, expensive, poor performance and painful to use. Most of them are not dishwasher-proof or have a modular design and in order to place the cup in the dishwasher the user must remove the base where the electronic device is located.Prioritizes ease of use and performance. Therefore, the cup took the fully electronic device and added a heating coil to the base.

So, the W-Fi Wireless Charging Board adopted the design of the dual-coil patented application. Although this is a brilliant idea, there is another secret to this design. The bottom of the Wi-Fi heating cup is made of flat and proprietary ceramic material with increased heat absorption performance to increase the contact area.

Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Review

If you are living a busy life like this, your drinks will usually cool down in your free time for a short time, you need a Wi-Fi drink heater and a wireless phone charger. This safe 250ml dishwasher washing machine keeps drinks at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and does not contain any electronic components. It has a protection control function, can automatically detect if the cup is empty and turn off the heating coil to prevent overheating. Also, the kit includes a ceramic cover to prevent accidental spills.

In addition, its waterproof base can quickly remove all liquids. In fact, the cup has a 20-degree tilt and a fixed design, which can reduce your wrist fatigue with each drink. Additionally, when you’re not heating drinks, use Wi-Fi as a wireless charger. It includes an output power of 20-24W, which can quickly charge a mobile phone. Overall, Wi-Fi heaters and wireless phone chargers are great desk accessories for everyday use.

Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Features

Since I like the pure taste of coffee, I use high-quality, durable ceramic materials to make enamel-coated Wi-Fi heating cups. This makes the dishwasher environmentally friendly, durable and more importantly safe. The cup has an ergonomic handle that tilts up to 20 degrees from the vertical axis to reduce wrist fatigue. At a constant temperature of 55 degrees Celsius it is carefully designed for 250 millimeters of your favorite drink.

To use the Wi-Fi heating cup, you don’t have to press buttons or any other kind of physical input. Simply place the Wi-Fi heating cup in the middle of the full Wi-Fi wireless charger! The LED will illuminate and show you that the base’s electronic devices are working hard to keep the temperature of your favorite drink right.
The Wi-Fi wireless charging pad has a diameter of 110mm and a scale of 5mm;

It includes electronic devices with charging coils with output power in the range of 20-24 W. It is made of aviation-grade aluminum and highly durable recyclable polymer. Also, to give you peace of mind, waterproof the base to prevent accidental overflow, so that no overflow ruins your life!

Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Specification 

Wi-Fee Lid Material:Ceramic
Wireless Charger:24 W
Continuous Temperature:55°C
Drink Capacity:250 ml
Base Light:LED
PACKAGE CONTENT:1 x Wi-Fee ceramic mug,1 x Wi-Fee ceramic lid,1 x Wi-Fee 24W wireless charger,1 x Power adaptor


Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Price

If You Want to buy Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger You Can Get This Product ₹2238.53 INR Rupees.
And This Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Price in Global Market $30.46USD

Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Price in USD $30.46 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Wi Fee Drink warmer and wireless phone charger Price in India ₹2238.53 RUPEES


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