WeMax Dice portable Projector Review

Portable Micro Projector: A high-resolution portable movie projector with 1080P FHD projection with a recommended screen size of 120 inches. Wemax is very suitable for use at night or movie night. It can provide a portable projector bluetooth connection for your iPhone (iOS) or Android device.

WeMax Dice portable Projector

WeMax Dice portable Projector Review

Use the Wemax Dice Smart Portable Projector to watch movies and videos up to 120 inches in size. This gadget is perfect for movie night use and provides a convenient Bluetooth connection with an iPhone or Android device, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows on the wall. It has a high resolution 1,080p DHD, which enhances the visual effects and makes the scene look like it happened in the same room.

Also, this smart portable projector has auto focus and 40 ° keystone correction function, which can optimize the visual effect in any corner inside and outside the house. Its compact design makes it very suitable for carrying around. However, although the Wemax Dice is small, its battery life is 3 hours and it can charge a laptop at the same time.

WeMax Dice portable Projector

WeMax Dice portable Projector Features

Great display quality: The Wimax Dice Portable Video Projector can provide a clear display with the help of TI DLP technology. A small portable movie project with 700 ANSI lumens provides a brilliant viewing experience. The enhanced full-color display has a 4-channel RGB LED color spectrum, NTSC> 85%, which can provide incredible contrast with smaller portable video projectors.

Portable Projector: Instant auto focus and 40 ° keystone correction, you can get a clear visible effect in any corner of the house or outside. This feature makes Dice a great portable projector suitable for meeting or homework. The small size of this tiny portable projector makes it usable and carry around.
Larger portable power supply: Used as a portable projector for laptops, it can power laptops as well as presentations! 5V1A mobile power output, 3 hours battery life. You can simultaneously charge your phone while using the Dice Portable Projector for iPhone video streaming!

WeMax Dice portable Projector

WeMax Dice portable Projector Specification 

Projection:1080p FHD
Max. Image Size:120″
PRICE IN USD:$699.99
Connectivity:Bluetooth, Chromecast Built In
PACKAGE CONTENT:WeMax Dice portable Projector, USER MANNUAL


WeMax Dice portable Projector Price

If You Want to buy WeMax Dice portable Projector You Can Get This Product ₹51748.13 INR Rupees.
And This WeMax Dice portable Projector Price in Global Market $699.99 USD

WeMax Dice portable Projector Price in USD $699.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
WeMax Dice portable Projector Price in India ₹51748.13 RUPEES


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