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How can you clean this delicate shirt or smooth dress without distorting or fading, especially during travel or business trips? For fine fabrics, the washing machine is too rough to finish the job, and will leave lots of bacteria after washing your hands. Also, this traditional tidy laundry method will result in chemical residues and water contamination in the garments. All these problems until WASHWOW 3.0 appears. It will change the way people think about washing clothes.

WASHWOW 3.0 Next-Gen

WASHWOW Next Gen Review

With electrolyzed water, Washwayo 3.0 can help you easily and quickly remove organic stains from clothes. With it you can gently clean your business and casual clothes with high technology, you can say goodbye by relaxing the distortion or discoloration of clothes. After testing, all kinds of delicate fabrics including silk, lace, cotton, linen etc. can prevent damage including.Not only clean clothes, but also disinfect them! The sterilization rate of this gadget is more than 99.98%!

Use only water in electronic analysis technology, WashWave 3.0 can disinfect even the most delicate garments from the inside.This high-performance sterilization gadget can decompose in water hydrogen and oxygen water to decompose organic stains on fabrics without the use of any detergents or additives.After using detergents and softeners, the remaining chemical residue on the clothes will act as a way to spread the bacteria. Washwayo 3.0 can effectively remove excess chemical residue from clothes, so this is no longer a problem.

Whether there is sweat under the armpits of the shirt, the smell of used towels or socks, Washwow 3.0 can effectively remove any odor. Within just 30 minutes of using this product, the fabric will become clean and tasteless.With a compact design, Washwa 3.0 weighs only 106 g / 0.23 lbs, it is very convenient to carry on the road, it is an ideal solution for frequent travelers, overpackers and anyone who wants to reduce their environmental footprint. WASHWOW 3.0 can help you avoid the hassle of washing clothes while on a business trip.

Simply place it in a carry-on bag on the plane. When using WashWa 3.0, your baby or children’s clothes will be washed.Use it to disinfect dishes or disinfect vegetables and fruits.It can effectively remove the chemical residues of vegetables and fruits. The function of WASHWA 3.0 is to use the active oxygen produced by hydroelectric analysis to decompose organic stains on fabrics. The interior of the machine is coated with precious metals that can form positive and negative electrodes. OH, O, O2, O3, On, HnOn Ingredients can dissolve in organic waste water and carbon dioxide or other substances.

WASHWOW 3.0 Next-Gen

WASHWOW Next Gen Features

Step 1: Put the cloth in water.
Step 2: Plug WashWao 3.0 to the AC power source via USB cable. Press the Surface button to open WashWa 3.0.
Step 3: Put Washway 3.0 in water.
Step 4: After 30 minutes, wash the clothes and let them dry.
Please connect WashOdo 3.0 with AC power via USB cable and plug your own phone.
Connect WashWord 3.0 to the power bank via a USB cable.
Please plug the WashWa 3.0 into a USB power socket via a USB cable.


In the process of electronic analysis of water there are alkaline ions at the cathode end, making the cleaner environment with better effect. Metal oxides, lipids and some residual components of wastewater are chemically oxidized and decomposed. Furthermore, there is acid iron at the anode end to achieve the combined function of disinfection and deodorization.

WASHWOW 3.0 Next-Gen

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WASHWOW Next Gen Price

If You Want to buy WASHWOW Next Gen You Can Get This Product ₹31885.88 INR Rupees.
And This WASHWOW Next Gen Price in Global Market $431 USD

WASHWOW Next Gen Price in USD $431 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
WASHWOW Next Gen Price in India ₹31885.88 RUPEES


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