View You Computer Webcam price in India, USA, Review

View-U Cam solves the frustrating problem of online eye contact. You want to look at the face of the person you are talking to on the screen, but you must look at the camera, no one can look at two places at the same time. This means that online eye contact is impossible. All right now!
See full technical details below – you will be provided with a high-end webcam with the added benefit of being able to move it to the screen for online communication.

Whether you make video calls for professional or personal reasons, there is a primary problem: eye contact. In this short film, View-U cam creators Dan Baker and Jonathan Pickett elaborate.
You can move “View your camera” to a position on the screen adjacent to the face of the person you’re talking to, which solves the problem of eye contact.

View You Computer Webcam

View You Computer Webcam Review

One of the biggest problems with online conference calls is the lack of eye contact. Fortunately, the “look at your computer” webcam is the only solution that can make you look into the recipient’s eyes. The best part is that the device can be moved around the screen, allowing two-way eye contact with the person you’re talking to.

In addition, “computer cameras” are great for viewing notes on the screen without taking your eyes off them. If you look directly into the viewer’s eyes, it can enhance a successful view. Can create meaningful conversations.Overall, this computer gadget can be easily and securely connected to a computer.Finally, you can easily delete it for use on another computer.

View You Computer Webcam

View You Computer Webcam Features

Professional use:
There are notes on the screen next to the camera for online presentation or presentation.
Conduct a more successful interview by looking at the interview properly.
Place the camera in the middle of an online group or group to read the meeting room.
Create a more meaningful 1-2 with the team you manage.

Establish trust and understanding with the team through eye contact.
Personal use:
When you can’t be together, look into the eyes of your loved one and make a better connection.
Have more meaningful and authentic conversations with grandchildren, best friends or parents.
Participate more effectively in online courses, community groups, faith groups and your social groups through two-way eye contact more

View You Computer Webcam

View You Computer Webcam Specification 

Exposure Control:Automatic
Focal Length:6.3 mm
Frame Rate:30 fps
Interface:USB 2.0 Type A
PACKAGE CONTENT:View You Computer Webcam, user mannual


View You Computer Webcam Price

If You Want to buy View You Computer Webcam You Can Get This Product ₹6967.62 INR Rupees.
And This View You Computer Webcam Price in Global Market $95.39 USD

View You Computer Webcam Price in USD $95.39 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
View You Computer Webcam Price in India ₹6967.62 RUPEES


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