Verdeat Personalized Home Garden PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Verdit is an indoor garden system that uses soilless organic plants. It can irrigate intelligently and provide nutrition for vegetables and shrubs. Verdit is a system controlled by an application that can become self-sufficient in 1-3 weeks. The amount of water, energy and nutrients can be adjusted according to the needs of the plant without creating unnecessary waste.

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Review

What could be better than going from farm to table? You can stay out of the table, depending on where you store the personalized home garden in Vardette. This organic planting tool can instantly plant 76 plants for free. From basil, thyme, beets to radish microfruit, you’ll enjoy short-maintenance ways to eat fresh all year round. Regardless of the weather, these home gardening tools can grow agricultural products without requiring a lot of energy. Using an attached application, the indoor garden can be managed autonomously, irrigating and feeding your plants for up to three weeks. In addition to allowing you to indulge in fresh greens, this indoor garden can mimic sunlight and boost your mood. This zero waste food planter is made with 95% recycled materials and can reduce water use by up to 90%. This may sound like an investment but it is estimated that Verdate can help you make money in about six months.

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Features

The system has modular trays with slots for planting seeds and soil-free natural layers (such as coconut fiber). Its unique versatility and dimension make it possible to grow conventional soil-type potted plants and tiny greens.
Verdiat is made using 95% recycled materials in the EU. Every time we buy, we will plant a tree and give the seeds of 3 trees to plant in Vardita and then plant a tree for you to return to nature. Each unit (L size) is made of plastic waste with a weight of 10 kg / 22 lbs.

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Specification 

COLOR:White, Black
WEIGHT:22 lbs
PACKAGE CONTENT:Verdeat Personalized Home Garden, USER MANNUAL


Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Price

If You Want to buy Verdeat Personalized Home Garden You Can Get This Product 19687.10 INR Rupees.
And This Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Price in Global Market $265 USD

Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Price in USD $265 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Verdeat Personalized Home Garden Price in India ₹19687.10 RUPEES


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