The natural way to keep your body covered is to follow the ankles, which means upwards! In deep water. Don’t be afraid of holes. V-Tex realized that there is no solution (ankle and top) to keep customers dry who want sports shoes.
V-Tex shoes are also durable. The durability of the V-Tex membrane lasts for several years or shoe life until the surface of the V-Tex braid is not damaged by the sharp object forming the hole.

Waterproof and breathable shoes usually do not exist at the same time. Breathing shoes usually mean that the surface of the material has holes but the holes can be water leakage.
V-Tex is not only waterproof, it is also breathable. The membrane hole size of shoes is smaller than raindrops but larger than air or steam particles, so it can prevent shoes from entering. This allows the generated air or vapor to escape outside the shoe.
V-Tex shoes have anti-bacterial function. The shoe membrane is set to a larger size than the bacteria to prevent it from going through the membrane. Also, the fabric of our insole has antibacterial properties.

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Review

V-Tex Waterproof High-Top Shoes If you don’t have any adventures, please keep them dry. These impressive shoes are perfectly wet with great comfort and practical function, to keep your feet dry all day long. V-Tex extends the ankle cover and uses breathable nanotechnology materials that are both antibacterial and waterproof. Also, it is very comfortable due to its cloud-like insole, light and high temperature resistance. They can even stand up. The unique ingredient works using different layers to maintain complete respiration while removing air and water. In addition to the high-top design, they also have a 7-inch high-top design. In addition to the practical and adventurous design, the V-Tex also has a simple slide-in structure, so you don’t have to shake with shoes.

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Features

The patented 4-layer patented design of V-Tex shoes provides great comfort for the wearer. Our 4 Way Stretch Knitted Top perfectly combines with a unique elastomer layer to make V-Tex shoes soft and comfortable. You don’t want to remove them!
V-Tex is good at creating molecular magic, as the shoe membrane can withstand higher temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius, providing additional protection. If something hot falls from the shoe, it can save the young cook from getting injured.
V-Tex does not use any animal parts to make shoes. We also reduce the use of harmful solvents by using water-based adhesives in the layers of outsoles and upper.

For all kinds of waterproof shoes, we will work together with factory and foreign teams to create the best design and provide different colors. Our goal is to allow V-Tex to choose and change colors for all ages
V-Tex shoes are also wind and sand resistant. These are very suitable for walking on the beach or in extremely cold weather because the membrane can withstand high temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius. The rubber pads on the front and rear of the V-Tex outsole provide better grip compared to the EV Diaphragm EVA outsole.
It has been specially treated on the surface of V-Tex woven shoe uppers to better stain resistance. For example, if coffee or soy accidentally spills on your shoes, you can easily wash them off with water.

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Specification 

SIZE:UK 4 – 12
COLOR:Cosmo Blue, Lightning Grey, Baby Pink, Royal Black, Silver Grey
Ankle Height:4.7 Inches, 7 Inches


V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Price

If You Want to buy V-TEX Waterproof Shoes You Can Get This Product 6668.71 INR Rupees.
And This V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Price in Global Market $89.00 USD

V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Price in USD $89.00 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Price in India ₹6668.71 RUPEES


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