UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens PRICE India, USA, review

Equipped with passive air filters and pioneering patent-pending aseptic vertex active purification technology, the next-generation reusable air purifier and anti-resistance mask UVMask, combined with the most powerful UV-C technology on the market, can filter air and purify your breath more than 10 times. Fast.
UV-C light is sealed in a patent-pending sterile circulation which means no UV-C leaks during the filtration process. During inhalation, the air becomes a vortex and is purified under two 25,000μW / cm2 UV-C LEDs. Enjoy two efficient defensive layers. In addition to purification, our gas mask can also filter out dust, pollen, tobacco, bushfire smoke and air pollutants in the air.

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Review

When you wear a mask, you want it to do a lot for you. This is what you get from UVimask UV-C air purification mask. The mask provides double protection by blocking contaminants and allergens. However, with the help of powerful UV-C purification technology, you don’t need a reusable mask to protect your lungs. In fact, UVimask comes with a sterile air filter and a germicidal active protection device. In total, these two elements filter 99.99% of the air around you and are ten times faster than your breathing speed.

The air goes through a germ vortex, which contains two UV-C LEDs. It not only filters and purifies masks, but also filters contaminants, dust, pollen, tobacco and bushfire smoke. Therefore, whether you want to keep yourself away from the respiratory tract, Uvimask can help.

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Features

UVimask is an anti-pollution reusable mask with the most powerful UV-C LED purification function.
UVimask is the first mask that effectively integrates UV-C technology with effective energy, which can purify the air in real time. Traditional is an indispensable tool to protect your breath
With existing filter pads (95% filtration efficiency for 0.3μm particles) and UV-C sterile rotation (purification rate 99.9%), UVimask can provide the highest level of total filtration efficiency. The intensity of UV-C LED is 100 times higher than similar products in the market. The distance of UV-C in the vortex is also 10 times less.

For different face types, UVimask will come with different sized silicone shells (the size of the mask itself will be the same).
With its super soft skin-like silicone face contour, it can adapt to a variety of nose and face shapes. Ergonomic design provides comfort and air tightness. The face mask is a child-friendly size, suitable for those over 6 years old.

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Specification 

Blocks:Pollutants, Dust, Pollen, Tobacco, Bushfire Smoke
Purification:25000 μW/sq. cm UV-C LED
PACKAGE CONTENT:UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens,user mannual


UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Price

If You Want to buy UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens You Can Get This Product 7397.75 INR Rupees.
And This UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Price in Global Market $99 USD

UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Price in USD $99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
UVMask Inactivate 99.99% All Pathogens Price in India ₹7397.75 RUPEES


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