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ROBIRD Robot Bird Review Price | URI Movie Garuda Robot Bird in Real

URI Movie Garuda Robot Bird – ROBIRD Formerly Clear Flight Solutions is the creator of the RoBird Bird Drone, a remote-controlled robot Peregrine Falcon. Not only is this drone scaring birds, but it is also the most effective bird control solution in the world. This is the only tool that can “pull” birds and “flock” in any direction.

ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird Review

RoBird provides a reliable, manageable, safe and humane way to help reduce bird counts across multiple industries. Compared to historical data, it has been shown to reduce total attack on large species and birds at airports. Birds recognize this drone as a true predator. With consistent operations, fewer birds return to the area of operation over time.

The robird is a robot bird that mimics the appearance of a falcon, weight (730 g), size (wing width of 112 cm) and flight speed (16 m / s), and most importantly, it is a flapping-wing aircraft. , Is imitating. How to fly a real falcon. The similarity in appearance and dynamics means that no other bird can distinguish a real peregrine falcon from a robird. This allows Robird to be used for effective and naturally benign bird control. From a research perspective, Roberto is the most interesting. Much remains unknown about how Roberto flies. The challenge is to understand its aerodynamics and improve its autonomy.

ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird How its Work!

Our professional services are backed by thousands of hours of field experience and extensive training and education. RoBird engineers and pilots extensively research and observe real birds for a better understanding of them. With this knowledge and over 20 years of technical research, we provide our customers with the best products and services.

ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird Specification 

BATTERY: 4500mha
HARDWARE: Carbon Fiber, Fabric, Motor, Gears, Battery
CHARGE TIME: 50 Minutes
MATERIAL: Carbon Fiber, Fabric,
PACKAGE CONTENT: Robird, Charger, Wings, User Manual

ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird Price

If You Want to buy ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird You Can Get This Product ₹38,276.25 INR Rupees.
And This ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird Price in Global Market $500 USD

ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird Price in dollar $500 USD
ROBIRD Garuda Robot Bird Price in Indian Money ₹38,276.25 RUPEES


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