Twicycle smart and useful bicycle review

Twisis doubles the benefits of tossing practice by allowing you to ride your legs as well as your arms. Using the front crank you can do biceps, triceps, chest, back, lower abdomen, lower abdomen and abdominal exercises. Paddle with arms, legs or feet. Adjust to increase / decrease gears to fully meet your needs.

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Review

The armrests are made of carbon fiber, which is light and super stiff, which is twice as large as the steering handle. The chest pad arm can provide adequate upper body support during riding and prevent the rider from communicating with the chain link. Toysile uses a combination of high-strength lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber to achieve reliable and optimal performance.
If you are a cyclist, you do not need to do other exercises to practice your upper body. This bike can do all the work. The load spreads to multiple limbs, making tricycle riding easier and faster, reducing fatigue and reducing lactic acid transmission in each limb.

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Features

For those who think that additional accessories will benefit them, an alchemy chain guard can also be installed which can be purchased as an accessory. Note that the chest pad will prevent the rider from reaching the chain.
The locking mechanism allows the main handlebar / crank to be locked in the boom position. The handle will move a bit, but the whole system cannot rotate and provide driving force for the front wheels in this position.

Equipped with 8 gears, each drive system of Twicycle allows you to fully adjust the resistance to suit your needs and driving conditions. Both automatic drive systems use free wheels, so you can glide freely according to your riding style and situation. Suitable for men and women.

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Twicycle smart and useful bicycle, user mannual


Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Price

If You Want to buy Twicycle smart and useful bicycle You Can Get This Product ₹65599.18 INR Rupees.
And This Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Price in Global Market $899 USD

Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Price in USD $899 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Twicycle smart and useful bicycle Price in India ₹65599.18 RUPEES


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