Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Price in India, USA,Review

The stand’s reversible base is its most iconic feature, which sets it apart from all other tablet stands. The 310 flexibility of the teststand makes it ideal for any environment. The Testand 2 can be used anywhere from watching a movie in bed to relaxing on a sofa at the desk. Tablet computers are multifaceted devices and the support they support is also multiplied, which is normal.

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Review

The stand stores all equipment. You can lie in bed while playing a movie on your iPad, reading a Kindle or playing a game on a Nintendo Switch. The perfect companion for all devices is finally here. Its expandable hook can fit any device between 7 and 13 “in landscape mode and even many devices in portrait mode. IPad, Android, Microsoft, Lenovo, Kindle; Testand 2 can be used as you wish.

By keeping your tablet close to eye level, the stand removes all potential sources of stress and creates a more comfortable viewing experience. Just plug your tablet into the stand-alone protective silicone gripper and voila! Your teststand is set up and ready. Then, you can rotate the base or adjust the angle to meet your needs. The stand is not only light – it weighs just over a pound. It can be easily folded for maximum portability. It is designed to fit in tablet suitcases of 11 inches or more.

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Features

Using a tablet is not always the most comfortable experience. Solving this problem by providing your tablet with a vision-in-line-hands-free, ergonomic viewing experience t Whether you’re working on a document at your desk, watching a movie on a plane, or playing card games on a park bench , It can meet your needs!

It’s really simple: the Teestand 2 has an outstretched arm with protective hooks designed to fix your device without applying too much force to avoid damaging them. Simply insert your tablet into the teststand’s protective silicone gripper and sert. It’s very simple.
The stand has a patented reversible base with a strong friction charm that can easily transform into two modes: the casual bed and the vertical table top position.
With a fixed angle of 310 an, you can find your desired unique usage and location with the help of Teststand.

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices, user mannual


Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Price

If You Want to buy Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices You Can Get This Product ₹9,349  INR Rupees.
And This Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Price in Global Market $126 USD

Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Price in USD $126 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Tstand 2 Holds ALL Devices Price in India ₹9,349  RUPEES


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