Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Review

Use this toothpick cross to declare war against their cube mates and launch annoying little projectiles to them. It is less than 5 inches in length and is the ideal size for launching small projectiles such as toothpicks and cue-tips.

Free your coworkers from hell by equipping your bogie with a mini toothpick cross. This very interesting and perhaps annoying weapon has a strong stainless steel frame, a spacious ammunition house to store more shells and a range of more than 60 feet.
This small crossbow can carry deadly weapons for you at any time. This mini cross has been carefully created by Reddit user Modestmos 89. This is a perfect DIY project for designing functional jewelry for your medieval men.

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Review

Now, you can use this DIY kit to create your own. This ideal birthday gift or stocking has everything you need to build a 12 “x 12” wooden cross, which can launch a small wooden rocket 10 feet away.

Use this laser-assisted hunting bow and slingshot shooting to make sure you can always reach the target. This strong and flexible versatile weapon is made of rigid stainless steel frame with a laser pointer to improve accuracy and can fire projectiles and arrows.
Cubic war can be raised to a higher level by using this Q-tip cross to transform toilets into a weapon. It is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with 25 cotton swabs so you can shoot 20 feet away.

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Features

The body length is 8 cm 3.14 inches, and the width of the bow is 11 cm. 4.33 inches, perfect craftsmanship and great design
12 steel balls with a diameter of 4 mm can be loaded each time and a steel ball can be introduced each time the whole string is tightened.
Hold the mini cross and pull the bow and arrow to completely reverse the wire. After tightening the string to the final limit position, it will be automatically bound by the trigger and the trigger will start.
Pull the trigger to fire the bullet. Lift the front of bow B, roll a steel ball in the slot and reinstall the steel ball

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Specification 



Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Price

If You Want to buy Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow You Can Get This Product ₹1846.53 INR Rupees.
And This Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Price in Global Market $24.97 USD

Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Price in USD $24.97 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Toothpicks Mini AND SMART Crossbow Price in India ₹1846.53 RUPEES


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