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Ticktime Futuristic Timer Gadget Review | Indiegogo Nllano Ticktime

Ticktime Timer Gadget is a really futuristic Timer device, You Can Manage Your time more than 24 hours, Make every moment count with this sleek and futuristic gadget.
Usually, we use stopwatch and timer widgets to perform a task within a specified time. But today, the Amazing Timer Gadget, which we will show you today, this gadget launched on Indiegogo.com in April 2020. With this gadget launching an American company, let’s know the details about it, how much it costs, how you use it, how you buy it.

Ticktime Review

That timer. TickTime time is a timer born in the 21st century. Forget the hourglass timer and stopwatch. I have no time

It is soft and delicate.
Start and end without pressing buttons. And it is completely portable. Therefore, whenever you need to record time, there is talk time.
Making the most of your time is more important than ever, because many of us work remotely. There is a scale next to the desk, so you can spend an ounce of productivity every minute of your work. You may still have time to spend with family and friends.
TickTime is committed to making the most of every minute of the day. Use your time more efficiently. You don’t have to spend time. Every second is precious, TickTime can help you focus on what you are doing and complete it. increase productivity. Complete the task when you put it on hold
Fans of this efficient management system must have experienced a difficult time when they invented it in the 1980s. Sharing a day with each 25-minute step-by-step conversation time is easy. 25 minutes is TickTime’s built-in prediction countdown. Improve your productivity and increase your productivity 24 hours a day!

TickTime How its Work!

Change how you manage your time to get the most out of every minute of the day with a whole new fun and effective timer.
Ticktime is light and short. It fits in your pocket or bag, making it convenient to carry.
TickTime must check many boxes for different ways of using it.

Working on a tight timescale? Want to spend a certain amount of time on a specific job? Keep a TickTime near your desk to manage your time.

Set your goals during gym sessions. Your personal best break. TalkTime records all jigs, sprints, cycles and lines so you can see your speed setting

Games – Use Timeglass / Egg Timer as an alternative to any type of game you have limited time to turn around.

How long is the pizza in the cook-oven? How long does it take to get a perfect souffle? TickTime will tell you.

TickTime Specification 

The TickTime has 6 preset times. Remove the ticktime and the time you want to calculate will go up ward. The timer will start automatically. So you don’t waste a second and you get more from every minute of every day.
TalkTime is a sophisticated timer. Simple operation by simply changing position. On the other hand, if you want to set the time manually to seconds, you can press the two buttons and set minutes and seconds exactly.

You can also adjust the volume of the alarm at a suitable level, such as style mode, to alert you to different situations.
Put a ticktime on the face of the name and the time count will begin. The deadline is from 00:01 to 99:59. There is plenty of time for that meeting, lecture or your child’s homework!
Choose from audible alarms with fully adjustable volume control. Or a visual alarm with flashing lights.

This is useful when you have a high density and the sound of the alarm doesn’t make you jump. Or if you are working or studying in a public space such as a library, classroom or office.
LED display gives you a better experience of visual images while you track the time. The digital numbers and icons displayed on the screen are brighter and more vivid. There is no speed delay on the screen.

TickTime has a magnetic surface that is connected to the refrigerator and metal surfaces so you can keep hands free while tracking time.
When cooking in the kitchen, stick to ticktime in the fridge or stove. Pause TickTime on your whiteboard when presenting or giving a speech.

TickTime Price

if You Want to buy TickTime You Can Get Double Ticktime-early bird Price is ₹4,488 INR Rupees, And If you want to buy single one Price is ₹2,989 INR ₹4,488 (33% OFF)

TickTime Price in dollar $39.25 USD
TickTime Price in Indian Money ₹2,989 RUPEES



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