Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Review and price

The system is very simple. You’ll find a battery pack in the handlebars, a cadence sensor suitable for the crank, and a rotating electric motor suitable for your bike. The shape of the wheels covers all of Brampton, or if you have something unusual (a penny or something), you can buy an electric motor like this one and make it yourself. Most people, however, will replace their front rotation with a new one.

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Review

While you can use the Switch eBike Conversion Kit to increase the power of your current bike, please do not spend all your salary on the eBike. The electric bicycle kit is a compact handheld device that can be used with any bicycle. To get extra power just leave it on the handlebars and attach it to the bike. If you like cycling but don’t want to use it often, this electric bike kit will help you get on the road.

This e-bike conversion kit provides you with some extra electrical power to ensure you don’t have to work hard to get to the office. Also, this kit allows you to easily climb up to 30% opal and provides a range of 50 kilometers. And its total weight is only 3 kg, you won’t even notice the switch on your bike unless you need it.

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Features

The key message of the switch is that the kit is easy to install, and it is. From beginning to end. Simply change the wheel to a new one (of course, then remove the tire and inner tube), attach the cadence sensor to the crank, install the airbag mount, and attach everything. Anyone with basic technical skills should be able to solve the problem, and if you don’t believe in yourself, a technician at a bicycle repair shop can do it.

The motors listed in the slender wheel hub weigh only 1.5 kg, so the power pack needs to be increased to 2.5 kg. The total weight of the split system is 4 kg and one of its advantages is that if you remove the battery for powerless pedaling, most of the weight of the system will be saved.

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Specification 

Top Speed:20 mph
Battery Range:50 km
PACKAGE CONTENT:Swytch Lightweight E-Bike, user mannual


Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Price

If You Want to buy Swytch Lightweight E-Bike You Can Get This Product ₹28678.59 INR Rupees.
And This Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Price in Global Market $394 USD

Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Price in USD $394 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Swytch Lightweight E-Bike Price in India ₹28678.59 RUPEES


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