SV Optics Smartphone Rig price and review

The wireless power bank is fully integrated into our smart phone device and can be easily replaced with a new battery in a few seconds on a digital SLR camera. It gives you confidence that you can finally use your smartphone for a whole day of shooting in the wild.
This solution is not on the market today, you can replace the battery in a few seconds and you don’t have to worry about connecting the power bank to the phone with a separate cable.

With the power bank’s wireless charging function, you just don’t have to. According to our own experience (and results from the field), cables often interfere with your use, make them rubbish, or simply block your vision.
The rug will be equipped with 2 handles with vertical handles and a fully integrated counterweight.

SV Optics Smartphone Rig

SV Optics Smartphone Rig Review

With an integrated power bank, the SV Optics smart phone rig can keep you busy all day. Plus, it even has wireless charging, so you don’t have to worry about how much battery your phone will have. Additionally, it allows you to turn the battery into a wireless charger in seconds, resulting in longer build times. Therefore, even if the FilmPro battery runs out of power, you can continue to use it.

This smart phone device is designed by content creators and can truly meet all your content creation needs. Easily install a smartphone and then you can take pictures by strengthening it. While shooting, you can keep the phone stable and beautiful. In addition, it is also equipped with vertical handles, integrated counterweights and other accessories. Say goodbye to the cable, make the movie you need, and never feel the light that your phone shines on you through the smartphone rig.

SV Optics Smartphone Rig

SV Optics Smartphone Rig Features

Easy to use. Assemble all the accessories and attach the smartphone in a few seconds
Fully integrated wireless power bank with USB Type A and Type B micro ports (6000 mAh-10 double wireless charging power).
Customized wireless mobile power supply can ensure safe cooperation with the drilling rig.
Spring-type mobile power lock Replace the battery in a few seconds
2 counterweights (about 350 grams each). Keep your equipment balanced and give you a more enjoyable and stable experience while shooting.

2x strapping points can be used for any other cable. Rotate the wire neatly around the rig.
Ergonomically designed vertical grip with three cool shoes. Give you more flexibility.
The bottom of the rig has a 2 inch blade, which can be easily mounted on a tripod.
Fixed lower clamp, movable upper clamp (for smartphones). Connect to smartphone easily.
4 times cold shoe integrates with the rag design
2 slotted holes for 6-inch D-ring in the device itself. Attach any kind of accessory to your vein, GoPro camera, lights, microphone, etc. The possibilities are endless!

SV Optics Smartphone Rig

SV Optics Smartphone Rig Specification 

Counterweights:2 350 g
Strap Points:2
Power Bank Capacity:6000 mAh
Wireless Charging Power:10 W
PACKAGE CONTENT:SV Optics Smartphone Rig, user mannual


SV Optics Smartphone Rig Price

If You Want to buy SV Optics Smartphone Rig You Can Get This Product ₹6095.78 INR Rupees.
And This SV Optics Smartphone Rig Price in Global Market $83.61 USD

SV Optics Smartphone Rig Price in USD $83.61 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
SV Optics Smartphone Rig Price in India ₹6095.78 RUPEES


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