Stoggles Stylish eye Protection price in INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Goggles are the first goggles designed to look and feel similar to the classic gorgeous frame while helping to protect the eyes from dirty fingers. Equipped with high-quality blue light blocking and anti-fog lenses, it can provide protection for all-weather daily comfort.
The integrated side and top ieldals flow smoothly from the front of the frame, creating a ball field for your eyeballs.

Bright summer tones create a feeling of comfort and airiness while bathing the surroundings in clear or light colors. Polycarbonate is a completely recyclable material that is lightweight, flexible, drop-resistant and impact-resistant. This material has clear optical clarity and it can block almost 100% ultraviolet rays, so you will be protected by lenses and frames.

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Review

The staggles weigh only 18 grams and the anti-fog coating will last for 2 years if you take proper care of the body by adopting the body temple design to make you feel comfortable and safe all day long.
Blue light emitted by smartphones, TVs, computer screens and LEDs can negatively affect eye fatigue, headaches and sleep. Our standard lenses make your daily life more comfortable, can block blue light. Please read the Lens Options section below to learn more about prescription lenses.

The square shape of the tripod carries the classic elegance and its defined shape and keyhole bridge match almost any face shape. This unmistakable silhouette effortlessly stays cool and always stylish. Goggles are designed to fit different face shapes and sizes.
These refreshing colors will take you to the tropical oasis, filled with warm sand, will refresh the drink, and no secular care.

Standard Lens: Best choice for everyday use. The anti-fog coating ensures that your lenses do not fall into the fog. Blue light filters can block 40% of blue light, helping to reduce eye strain on the screen.
Light Sensitive Lenses: After wearing glasses, wearing anti-collision glasses can protect you. You do not need to close your glasses with light sensitive lenses. These lenses will be clearly visible when worn inside the house and will turn into gray sunglasses when worn outside.

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Features

Transparent side + top cover
Anti-fog coating lenses
Blu-ray shading mirror
Light responsive lens
Take the lens option
Impact resistant polycarbonate
ANSI Z7.1.1 Certification (to be prescribed)
Relax all day

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Stoggles Stylish eye Protection, USER MANNUAL


Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Price

If You Want to buy Stoggles Stylish eye Protection You Can Get This Product 3883.37 INR Rupees.
And This Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Price in Global Market $52 USD

Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Price in USD $52 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Stoggles Stylish eye Protection Price in India ₹3883.37 RUPEES


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