square WATERMELON box Review And Best Price

square WATERMELON box Review: Watermelons have about 1,200 varieties worldwide, depending on the season and seed production. China is by far the largest watermelon growing country in the world. The cultivation period is 70-85 days for all varieties and the cultivation season begins when all the dangers of frost have passed. Watermelons can be grown indoors at any time of the year, but they require extra space and a constant temperature of 80-85 degrees. F.

Seedlings to be transplanted outdoors can be started indoors 3 weeks before being transplanted outdoors. Seeds are planted in groups of 3 at a depth of 1 inch and seedlings are decimated to 1 or 2 which is best for planting. You can use this method with peat or potting soil to start seeding indoors. Seed-producing varieties must be planted with seed-producing varieties in order to pollinate and bear fruit.

square WATERMELON box

square WATERMELON box Review

Rectangle Watermelon Molds Garden Fruit Growing Mold Mold Tools Square molds are used to mold standard watermelons that can be planted in the garden. (No special seed required). At the stage of maturity, put a small watermelon in the mold and take it out when it is fully mature. Specifications: Material: Polycarbonate Size: 15x15x5cm / 5.90×5.90×51.97 “Weight: about 530g Color: Transparent Color Application: Watermelon, Pumpkin Features: High strength, excellent pressure resistance, can be used repeatedly 3 to 3 times. Non-toxic to humans or fruits for 5 years Package Content: 1 x square mold (screws not included)

square WATERMELON box

square WATERMELON box How its Work!

Materials and tools
Sheets of 6,8 inch square, 3/8 inch (or more) thick of polycarbonate plastic are required. (Lexan)

In addition to 4 gate hinges with flat head machine screws and hex nuts and 2 hinged clasps, there are at least 8 more thin wood screws 1 ” to 1-1 / 2 ” in length, angle iron or aluminum The angle maybe 36 inches long. (Cut into 8 pieces to make 4 pieces) If you have a thinner polycarbonate, power drill and power saw such as a hole saw, hand saw or jigsaw.

2. Cut the stem pass-through
You need to make a large keyhole in one rectangle so that the stem of the watermelon can penetrate the box. Please note the photo below. Use a saw to cut the round part of the keyhole, but the hole cutter bit is probably easier. In the first sheet drill, a 1-inch diameter hole was drilled in the center with a drill and a hole saw. Then, using your hand or a power saw, cut two parallel lines through a hole perpendicular to one end of the sheet and remove the material between them.

3. Add the first set of hinges
Use the box to place the left sheet, the left edge of the top sheet above the left sheet edge, and the two hinges secure the sheet as shown.

4. Trim the inset side
Measure the width of the sheet and trim both sides of the inset with this width.

5. Fix the sides
The inset edge must be trimmed to the thickness of the polygon used so that it can be inset to keep the box square. Trimming these edges is probably the most difficult step.

Drill a pre-drilled hole in the bottom sheet from the ends of the left and right sheets to accept wood screws. Use at least two screws for each joined edge. If the polycarbonate used is too thin, angle iron or aluminum can be used to strengthen the corners. (However, if the poly is too thin, it may swell.)

6. bottom
Place the box on top, add the last sheet to the bottom and hinge it like the top.

7. Add a clasp
The clasp is on the opposite side of the top and bottom seat hinges.

8. Usage
Plant watermelon. They quickly began to grow and it was possible to put them in a box with stems through slits and holes. Remove when ripe.

square WATERMELON box

square WATERMELON box Price

If You Want to buy square WATERMELON box You Can Get This Product ₹322.35 INR Rupees.
And This square WATERMELON box Price in Global Market $4 USD

square WATERMELON box Price in dollar $4 USD
square WATERMELON box Price in Indian Money ₹322.35 RUPEES


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