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Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys

Original and best: 512 meticulously crafted miniature magnets are perfectly designed, bring maximum pleasure If you want to confuse your desktop you need to use office status symbols or other places to save your mental energy; We made the lecture for you.

Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Review

Magnetic table toys can express your creativity and relieve stress. These attractive magnetic blocks and fields come in three shapes and can provide endless creativity to your desk. You can create and re-create as many times as you need by selecting Spikes, Super and Blocks. Spikes are a 2.5 mm magnetic ball, divided into 512 or 1000 balls, you can choose 21 different colors. The Super Edition has five electronic magnetic balls, each up to 33 mm in diameter, and the kit is also equipped with a metal construction base.

Finally, the blocks offer a set of 9 types, five color options and include a travel bag. Each brick has 14 hidden magnets, perfect for fun stacking. Use Stress, Super and Blocks to reduce the stress for violin performance or to help the flow of creative juices. Truly there is a limitless creation. These magnetic desk toys are available in a variety of colors and are your best choice for your mindfulness and daytime entertainment.

Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Features

Buildable, Mixable, Matchable: Build, mold, sculpture and design unlimited size and satisfactory structure. Then mash them and start again! The only limit is your imagination, play a role and show your skills.
Relieve stress and instability: Bring a little Jane every day. Speeches have super portability and confusing appeal, very suitable for itchy fingers. We are all disappointed with you from the office of the socially awkward winner.
More than a magnet: The speaker brings a portable case that will keep you calm, a base that supports magnetic masterpieces, a starter guide and convenient and more advanced separation cards.
Over 14 years of age: Stay away from all children. The flux index is less than 50.

Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Specification 

SIZE:Speks: 512 Balls, 1000 Balls Super: 5 Balls Blocks: 9
WEIGHT:2.82 ounces
MATERIAL:Rare Earth Magnets
DIMENSIONS:0.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Metal Base, Guide, Speks, Splitter Card, Carrying Case


Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Price

If You Want to buy Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys You Can Get This Product ₹1842.63 INR Rupees.
And This Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Price in Global Market $24.95 USD

Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Price in USD $24.95 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Speks smart Magnetic Desk Toys Price in India ₹1842.63 RUPEES


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