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Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Prices and Review

The most advanced earphone Sonobo is being introduced in the market with amazing audiophil sound quality. Loaded with many new and innovative noise reduction functions

For the first time, you can choose the sound you want to reduce or increase without the frustration of the thematic sound reduction, without the pressure of the cabin or without affecting the sound quality of the music. Read on to find out why sonobo headphones are the most exciting headphones.

Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Review

Use the Sonobo Premium headset series to block the noise you don’t want to hear. Enjoy audiophil-quality audio and innovative features, including a new way to reduce noise: they let you choose to eliminate or improve individual sounds. The series includes Sonobo One, Sonobo Pro and Sonobo Elite. Using the next-generation dynamic speakers, adjusted by Sonobo One Studio engineers, to get accurate, clear and high-definition sound.

Also, the Sonobo Pro has 6 balanced armature drivers on each ear, which are finely adjusted and balanced to provide wide and deep sound field. The Sonobo Elite has up to 18 precise drivers in each ear, providing a real listening experience and incredible performance. Carry any pair of smartcases, it has 4 built-in microphones, USB power bank function and a wireless charging pad. Also, the charging case can charge earbuds more than 72 times!

Designed and coordinated by recording engineers to deliver first-class sound that makes audiophile blurry. audioexpress.com describes Sonobo as “an idea that stands in the crowded real wireless market”.
Sonobo headphones are specially designed by sound engineers to bring you the closest “immersive” experience. When you listen to lifelong music presented with clarity, precision and the highest quality standards, what you listen to will be consistent with the original recording.
Sonobo has many innovative, game-changing features. but it won’t compromise on sound quality. They set higher standards for each type of headset than before.

Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Features

Sonobo is made with high quality ingredients from all over the world. This limited time kickstarter specifically rewards early adopters and innovative supporters. When Sonobo enters the store, the retail price will increase significantly.
The Sonobo One is the first in a series of high-quality, feature-rich headphones designed to deliver first-class audio while protecting users with a free, secure listening system.

In fact, the Sonobo is the first headset to track and display your remaining safe listening time based on your music volume, listening time, and your ear’s sensitivity to music frequencies.
The Sonobo One jaw-dropping audiophile raises the standard for sound reproduction. Its nice and smooth treble, clear midrange, and tight, controllable bad response let you feel and hear the mixture without exaggerating or exaggerating the diameter frequency. With an almost flat frequency response, it strikes a perfect balance between precision and exciting audio performance, thanks to newly designed and developed speakers designed and integrated by studio engineers.

  • Pristine Studio Sound Quality
  • All-Day Comfort
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Selective Noise Cancelling
  • Remote Noise Cancelling
  • VoiceBoost/Assisted Hearing Mode
  • Safe Listening Time Alerts
  • Awareness Mode
  • GunSonics Mode
  • HD Clear Voice Microphones
  • Always On Voice wake (Hey Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant)
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • 8 hours playback
  • 500 hours of on the go charge with SmartCase
  • Ultra-Low Latency

Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Specification 

Sonobo Pro Drivers:6/Ear
Sonobo Elite Drivers:18
MODELS:One, Pro, Elite
PACKAGE CONTENT:Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone, user mannual


Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Price

If You Want to buy Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone You Can Get This Product ₹7220.84 INR Rupees.
And This Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Price in Global Market $98.22 USD

Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Price in USD $98.22 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Sonobo Advanced Smart Earphone Price in India ₹7220.84 RUPEES


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