SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike prices

The Saunders Fold XS is a special version of the Saunders, which can be redefined at any time. This low-level foldable sindors brings what is at your fingertips to your fingertips function. It has an incredible combination and makes it attractive. Extras are available at very optimistic prices.

SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike


SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike Review

January was a great day in Arizona and has the new Saunders Fold XS. Just a fantastic device. Cycling here, in the middle of the desert, about half a mile in the middle of the desert. Some of the features of this bike are absolutely remarkable. There’s a seven-speed transmission. Here’s a new crank set up on the front, which has more teeth, so when you start pedaling at a higher speed, what they don’t do is called a hamstring.

SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike

”GADGET NAME” Features

Now, when I got here, the speed was 16 miles per hour, I kept 17 miles per hour, they had great air shocks in front of them and the hydraulic brakes were absolutely amazing. These are much better than ordinary mechanical brakes. The seatpost is really great. Really deletes the shock while you are riding here etc.
The LCD screen is certainly a miracle. It’s so simple and easy to use. The LCD screen is changing color, which is absolutely outstanding, and you will see it better on sunny days and so on and so forth.

Compared to other folding methods, the other biggest feature I really like about this thing is how the wires go through the frame.
You found them. They came here to break. The break is here. Therefore, they just clean it. You just don’t have any on the underside of the bike, it makes an absolutely amazing bike.

SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike

SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike Specification 

BATTERY:48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic cells
WHEELS:Aluminum rims, front hub with sealed bearings
COLOR LED DISPLAY:Includes USB port and five levels of pedal assist, battery level, speed, distance traveled, etc.
WEIGHT:70 lbs
SPEED:Up to 20 mph
DIMENSIONS:39” x 18” x 29”
PACKAGE CONTENT:SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike, user mannual


SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike Price

If You Want to buy SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike You Can Get This Product ₹123300.68 INR Rupees.
And This SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike Price in Global Market $1699 USD

SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike Price in USD $1699 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
SONDORS Fold XS smart E-bike Price in India ₹123300.68 RUPEES


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