Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal PRICE

Foldable, compact but powerful: The Snowpapa Atom is super portable with its unique folding structure. Although it weighs only 440 grams (15.5 ounces), the ATM can reach 310 grams high payload, which is currently the highest in the mobile phone gimbal category.
Support wireless / wired phone charging: Atoms can be used up to 24 hours per charge. It can easily charge your mobile phone wirelessly. In the case of wired charging, the durability of the mobile phone installation and PTZ will not be affected by the charging cable.

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Review

Use the SnowPapa Atom 3-axis foldable smartphone gimbal to take smooth shots with the phone. With its unique folding design, this pocket-sized device is very portable. The atom weighs just 15.5 ounces and it becomes suitable for about 11 smartphones and has a payload of up to 11 ounces. Also, smart phone gimbals can be charged up to 24 hours at a time. Also, you can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly while using Atom.

When wired charging, the charging cable will not affect the stability of the gimbal or the installation of the mobile phone. In addition, the Atom’s built-in microphone interface makes it compatible with third-party microphones, providing better audio quality for your lens. The handle has a set of buttons that allow you to control PTZ’s activities and applications. These buttons can also be used to control your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Finally, the atom provides three tracking modes for shooting in different environments.

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Features

Built-in microphone interface: The theory has creatively created a microphone interface for third-party microphones. It can effectively improve the audio quality of interviews, real-time streaming and real-time shooting.
Multiple function buttons for instant control: The ATM handle PTZ and Snoop have collected a lot of buttons to control the functionality of the app. Even without an app, the handle buttons can control your phone to shoot or stop as long as it’s connected to your phone’s Bluetooth Atom.
Three tracking modes: You can easily adjust the motion sensitivity of the atom according to different contexts. Only one button can switch between the three tracking modes Smooth Movement / Lock Mode / Quick Tracking Mode.

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Specification 

BATTERY:2 Lithium ion batteries required.
COLOR:White, Black
RUN TIME:24 Hours
WEIGHT:15.50 Ounces
DIMENSIONS:10.16 x 9.92 x 3.43 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal, USER MANNUAL


Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Price

If You Want to buy Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal You Can Get This Product ₹9488.28 INR Rupees.
And This Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Price in Global Market $129 USD

Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Price in USD $129 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Snoppa Atom 3Axis Smartphone Gimbal Price in India ₹9488.28 RUPEES


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