Smartphone Cooling Radiator PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Hello, friends Today we are going to discuss with you a gadget that is unknown to most of you about gadgets so let us know its name. This is the name of the Great Gadget is Smartphone Cooling Radiator. So now you may be wondering what kind of gadget this gadget is actually a gadget associated with a smartphone but this is not a smartphone.

Smartphone Cooling Radiator

Smartphone Cooling Radiator Review

We mean everyone, from small to big eight to eighty people use smartphones in the present age and we all love to play smartphone games, but one of the things we all notice when playing this game is that our smartphone gets very heated right when we play the game because our smartphone is heated because of its effect on the battery of our smartphone while playing the game. But the gadget that we are discussing today, with this gadget, we can cool our heated phone a lot but all the details on how to cool it down are discussed below.

Smartphone Cooling Radiator

Smartphone Radiator Features

Cooling fan prevents the phone from overheating while playing the game console, prolonging the service and battery life of the phone. Compared to other coolers, this cooler can cool 7 ~ 8 ℉ It can effectively solve fever problems or power off when using a mobile phone.Suitable for all models of Android phones /4-6.5 inch iPhone. Play different games without worrying about heating up the phone. Lightweight and convenient, with silicone non-slip mat on smooth edges. Avoid phone damage and scratches. Cool Radiator is powerful with 2MB USB data cable. Plugin the power to turn on instant cooling automatically.

Two-in-one function: This mobile phone cooling pad can be used in daily life as a mobile phone radiator fan or a mobile phone bracket. That means it can be used alone or in combination.
Reduce heat dissipation: High speed, high speed 4000-rpm high quality fan, powerful heat dissipation reduction device and great heat dissipation prevention. It effectively solves the problem of overheating while playing games for a long time or watching videos on mobile phones, which extends the service life of mobile phones.
Rechargeable design: Built-in 400 mA high efficiency energy-saving lithium battery can charge mobile phone cooling fan. The USB rechargeable design allows you to enjoy cool games anytime anywhere

Smartphone Cooling Radiator

Smartphone Radiator Specification 

  • Product Name: Smartphone Cooling Radiator
  • Brand Name: jeebel
  • Compatible Model: for apple i-phone XR Xs Max Xs X8 7 6s plus
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Function: Heat Dissipation when phone play game


Smartphone Cooling Radiator Price

If You Want to buy Smartphone Radiator You Can Get This Product 873.80 INR Rupees.
And This Smartphone Radiator Price in Global Market $12.30 USD

Smartphone Radiator Price in USD $12.30 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Smartphone Radiator Price in India ₹873.80 RUPEES


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