SMART String ChOpper price in INDIA, USA, REVIEW

What if cutting vegetables is really fun? Therefore, they need better and better food preparation solutions, especially cutting with a knife, which takes a long time. With Wonderchef String Chopper Jumbo you can have fun cutting. This simple and elegant product has unique features that make trimming easy and convenient and it saves time. It can cut any vegetable like onion, garlic, carrot, cabbage etc. in a few seconds. The size of the cut vegetable or fruit can be controlled by the number of times the string is pulled. Special shaking attachments can easily beat eggs, yogurt or cream.

This chopper has a lid that can be kept in a container and stored in the refrigerator. The sharp steel blade is protected by a plastic cover to prevent any accidents when not in use. The size is suitable for everyday use and it can be carried anywhere

SMART String ChOpper

 SMART String ChOpper Review

The super sharp stainless steel blades are placed at different heights, thus covering the entire height of the shader and cutting easily in a few seconds. Harmful and prevents any accident when not in use.
This unique product comes with a lid that can be placed in a jar to convert it into a storage bowl. This feature makes it a versatile product. Ergonomically designed, it looks beautiful on your kitchen counter. The silicone bottom strips can hold the plate firmly and prevent slipping. The sleek design makes it an essential product for every kitchen family.

The jumbo string chopper has a silicone ring at the base, which provides grip when held on board. When pressing on the other hand, use one hand to grip the helper firmly. The transparent jar lets you see the internal shape of the vegetables cut. If you stir, you will see the fluffiness of eggs or butter.

SMART String ChOpper

 SMART String ChOpper Features

Easy food preparation!
The largest, Wanderchef kitchen knife with the sharpest, wear-resistant three-edged blade and egg beater
Cut the onion, garlic, fruit and vegetables in a few seconds
Shake eggs, yogurt and cream easily
Control the size by controlling the number of pulls
Ergonomic design, strong grip
The base has a non-slip silicone support

The Wonderchef Helicopter Giant package comes with a special stirring attachment that can lighten the eggs to make your blown omelette possible. With the help of this special accessory, fresh homemade cream or yogurt can be found.

SMART String ChOpper

 SMART String ChOpper Specification 



SMART String ChOpper Price

If You Want to buy  SMART String ChOpper You Can Get This Product ₹950 INR Rupees.
And This  SMART String ChOpper Price in Global Market $12.69 USD

 SMART String ChOpper Price in USD $12.69 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
 SMART String ChOpper Price in India ₹950 RUPEES


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