Smart Sticky Note Printer Review

Introducing a smart note printer – these days version 1 ideas work with Alexa to help you take notes quickly and hands-free.
Print the moment you remember – to remove important notes such as shopping lists and to-do items.
No ink needed – thermal printers never need ink or toner.
Other paper colors are sold separately – including a roll of yellow sticker. If this concept is established, refills will be available for purchase in blue, pink, white and yellow.
Easy to set up and just turn on the power, connect to WiFi and tell Alexa to find the printer.

Smart Sticky Note Printer

Smart Sticky Note Printer Review

The Smart Sticky Note Printer is a Day 1 version concept product that can be easily used with Amazon Alexa. That way, you can take notes quickly and completely hands-free. Now all you have to do is write down your important notes, including your voice. If you find something you need in a grocery store, please tell the printer. Or, if you want to call several people, just tell Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer.

Additionally, this impressive thermal printer does not require any ink or toner, so you can use it at any time. The printer comes with a roll of yellow sticker paper and you can also choose blue, pink and white refills. The gadget is easy to set up and easy to use. It can be turned on, connected to Wi-Fi and when you talk

Smart Sticky Note Printer

Smart Sticky Printer Features

The concept of “today’s first edition” in collaboration with Alexa
Help you take notes quickly and easily.
A compatible eco device, then ask Alexa to print shopping lists, to-dos, recipes, puzzles, etc. Ask Alexa to print notes, please check out our other 1 day version ideas.

Smart Sticky Note Printer

Smart Sticky Printer Specification 

BLUETOOTH:Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 (BLE)
WEIGHT:20.5 oz
Required:2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
DIMENSIONS:4.7” x 4.7” x 3.2”
PACKAGE CONTENT:Smart Sticky Note Printer, user mannual


Smart Sticky Note Printer Price

If You Want to buy Smart Sticky Note Printer You Can Get This Product ₹6652.69 INR Rupees.
And This Smart Sticky Note Printer Price in Global Market $89.99 USD

Smart Sticky Note Printer Price in USD $89.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Smart Sticky Note Printer Price in India ₹6652.69 RUPEES


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