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Smart Oyo E-bike price in India, USA, review

Since not everyone likes greasy chains, I am increasingly looking to adopt electric bicycle belts or even shaft drive transmission systems. However, Oyo uses another method, which uses hydraulic technology.

Smart Oyo E-bike Review

Although the concept of a hydraulic transmission system seems sophisticated, it was actually for some time at least in experimental form. In short, they contain a close-loop ceiling system where the rider’s pedaling force is used on the back of a hydraulic “motor” to pump hydraulic fluid through a pipe, causing the rear wheels to rotate. The fluid then flows upwards to the upper pedal pump.
On the one hand, hydraulic transmission systems require almost no maintenance. They will not be covered with dirty oil on clothes and hands, or they will not fall like a chain. Compared to traditional transmission systems, they have less moving parts and can be set as continuously variable transmissions – meaning the bike can shift from one gear ratio to another instead of between different gears.

Smart Oyo E-bike Features

The Oyo BC bike, manufactured by an electric mobility start-up company, is equipped with such a power transmission system and a bracket motor below 250 watts to improve the rider’s paddling force. Using the remote control mounted on the handlebars, users can choose between five levels of electrical support, allowing them to reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h (16 mph).
The integrated sensor constantly monitors speed, cadence and torque and automatically adjusts the gears accordingly.

No news about battery range (or total bicycle weight), lithium batteries installed in the down tube can be removed and charged.
Other features of the Oyo include an aluminum frame with internal wiring, a smartphone-enabled anti-theft system, and tectro hydraulic disc brakes. Headlights and taillights are optional accessories.

Smart Oyo E-bike Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Smart Oyo E-bike, user mannual


Smart Oyo E-bike Price

If You Want to buy Smart Oyo E-bike You Can Get This Product ₹262410.29 INR Rupees.
And This Smart Oyo E-bike Price in Global Market $3599 USD

Smart Oyo E-bike Price in USD $3599 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Smart Oyo E-bike Price in India ₹262410.29 RUPEES


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