Automatic Smart Dish Washer Handheld Machine Price in india, usa

This handheld smart dishwasher works by itself. Made by Hangzhou Junshin Trading Co., Ltd. This portable dishwasher is battery powered and can be used continuously for 40 minutes. This machine will never use a sponge again. You can keep your dishes clean with this handheld automatic dishwasher. This handheld smart dishwasher can wash dishes, bowls, spoons, and even chopsticks. Now you can enjoy a new dishwashing experience without touching the oil with your hands on the tour.

handheld dishwasher

Smart Dish Washer Review

The platform and the bowl are firmly gripped by the robot arm, so you don’t have to worry about slipping. This device makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable than ever. The portable dishwasher uses a high quality, non-slip rotating brush and a durable sponge to wash dishes. It’s very easy to use. Just use the robot arm to lock the plate. Then turn on the button. Wash by rotating the dish around the brush.

Powerful magnetic suspension acoustic motor provides fast, cleansing power. There is no sound during washing. IPX5 waterproof design allows you to safely wash your dishes. The motor rotates at a speed of 500 rpm. This handheld smart dishwasher uses 1500 mAh lithium battery to power

handheld dishwasher

Smart Dish Washer Features

Portable Automatic Smart Dishwasher Machine Kitchen Dishwasher Portable Handheld Smart Dishwasher

-[Clean food automatically]: New dishwashing experience. No need to touch oil. A robot arm that automatically cleans dishes.
-[Time and effort]: You can hold the bowl or the plate firmly, so you can finish the clean work easily. You can easily enjoy dishwashing. Experience another dishwashing experience.
-[High quality material]: The high-quality brush with anti-slip rotates. The durable sponge can be replaced and thoroughly cleaned
-[Easy to operate]: To use the unique handheld automatic tableware scrubber, simply lock the plate or bowl and pull the trigger. While rotating, the scrubber drags around the tableware and rotates the tableware vigorously.
-[No Noise]: High-quality gear, strong clean power, no noise
-[Waterproof]: IPX5 waterproof, can be used without fear of water, safe and clean

handheld dishwasher

Smart Dish Washer Specification 

Material Plastic
Color Green
Weight 1kg
Size 41.8 x 11.5 x 7 cm
Input Voltage 8.4V
Working Voltage 7.2V
Working Current 1.2A
Speed 500 Rotation / Minute
Working Time 40 Minutes ( Full Power )
Lithium Battery 1500 mAh



Smart Dish Washer’ Price

If You Want to buy Smart Dish Washer You Can Get This Product ₹6,302 INR Rupees.
And This Smart Dish Washer Price in Global Market $82.65 USD

Smart Dish Washer Price in USD $82.65 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Smart Dish Washer Price in India ₹6,302 RUPEES


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