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District Pro is an economical and revolutionary USB device that can delete all files and data on the hard drive and provides the function of deleting military grade, making it impossible to recover. . Using the three-step encryption delete function of Destro Pro, the files will disappear forever.

SMART Destruct PRO

SMART Destruct PRO Review

In the digital age, our data has become more valuable than ever. It is becoming increasingly difficult to know where data is stored. A laptop or PC can store all kinds of personal data you know but there is data that you never thought possible. Do you use cloud services like Dropbox, WhatsApp, OneDrive or iCloud to sync files and photos? Then how does your phone sync to your computer, send photos, passwords, etc.?

Many of them spend hours on the Internet every week for work and leisure. To make life easier when switching between devices, your web browser typically synchronizes your activity between devices. This includes the current page as well as passwords and other personal information.

Nowadays, online banking and finance are so common that many have never visited any branch. The armchair can do all the work comfortably. All digital resources and real-world digital resources are managed and controlled by the tools around us.
So, what happens when one of these devices expires may be that you want to upgrade to the latest and most powerful software or it is too old and too slow. Whether you’re gifting, selling, or just throwing away old equipment, it has a digital footprint in your life. You could be disadvantaged if you accidentally delete these footprints.

SMART Destruct PRO

SMART Destruct PRO Features

The operating system can usually choose to reset the device to a clean state but it will not destroy all the data. Imagine a library with lots of bookshelves and index cards to let you know where to find your favorite books. After restoring the factory settings, you are simply destroying the indicator card. All the books are still sitting on the shelves, ready to read.

District Pro can confirm that the table of contents has been destroyed, the books have been torn apart, the libraries have been smashed, and eventually the whole warehouse has caught fire. Nothing came later. Use 3-Pass Mechanism Defactor Pro to delete all data, then enter the encrypted and scrambled data above and finally make a final wipe. This ensures that the forensic tools used for data recovery can only recover encrypted data but not your valuable files and information.

Computers are complex technologies, and we hope to make everyone’s technological world easier. No more confusing codes and processes can help you solve the problem. Often our friends and family members get confused about how to repair their devices and they usually don’t know what to say. I will pass the word to delete the hard drive

SMART Destruct PRO

SMART Destruct PRO Specification 



Destruct PRO Price

If You Want to buy SMART Destruct PRO You Can Get This Product 1946 INR Rupees.
And This SMART Destruct PRO Price in Global Market $26.30 USD

SMART Destruct PRO Price in USD $26.30 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
SMART Destruct PRO Price in India ₹1946 RUPEES


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