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Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor review

Sleep is essential for physical health and well-being. Getting quality sleep every night should be a top priority. Achieving sleep quality is possible, but care must be taken to do so.
Americans0% of Americans suffer from sleep disorders that directly damage their physical and mental health. Although sleep disorders are more prevalent, most patients do not diagnose and treat them, leading to unnecessary health and safety problems and increased medical care costs.

If you feel dry or tired frequently, you may be suffering from a common sleep disorder. Until now, diagnosing these conditions is costly and requires timely specialist medical treatment. That’s why we made SlipBreath. It is a fancy home smart wearable device that can monitor breathing during sleep. With direct breathing airflow data collection, powerful AI algorithms and medical-grade biosensors, SleepBreath can track your sleep and accurately analyze sleep data for sleep health management.
Slipbreath uses medical grade sensors to measure and count each breath with high amplitude.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Review

If snoring at night affects the quality of your sleep, please use Snow Circle Sleepbreath. This home personal slip monitor actually uses a patented algorithm to track real-time slip data. This will give you more rest time. In fact, this sleep breathing monitor only needs to be used for one night to check your sleep status. Additionally, you can find out if it can cause any adverse health side effects, such as sleep apnea.

Therefore, you no longer have to spend money to go to the hospital to determine it. Thanks to its professional biomedical sensors, the sleep apnea monitor can be used to monitor potential apnea at home. They measure and record your air flow while you sleep and their AI algorithms analyze this information. After that, you will get a professional sleep analysis report. Using this monitor can improve sleep and overall health.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Features

The equipment’s sensors will be used to detect and collect data. The device uses bone marrow and voice detection technology to accurately detect and beat. Once the recognition is successful, the device will transmit the 10Hz-60Hz micro-pulse as a physical intervention The device will stimulate the hypoglossal muscles and nerves, increasing airflow in the airways and maintaining smooth breathing without NOR. An app allows users to track their sleep through the app. With the new and improved Slipless app in the App Store and Google Play, users can determine the types of snoring, hear the sound of snails, and analyze overall sleep quality.

This method is better than estimating blood oxygen levels used in other systems. This makes SlipBreath a pioneer in the art of monitoring sleep apnea.
Sleepbreath collects data during sleep in the most convenient and comfortable way. This eliminates the need for expensive and timely sleep research diagnostics. The sleepbreath measures your sleep status accurately and precisely by observing breathing, NOR, sleep cycle and sleep posture.

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Specification 

WEIGHT:18.5 g
App Connectivity:Bluetooth
PRICE IN USD:$126.65
DIMENSIONS:105 mm L x 95.8 mm W x 55.6 mm H
PACKAGE CONTENT:Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor, USER MANNUAL


Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Price

If You Want to buy Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor You Can Get This Product ₹9296.12 INR Rupees.
And This Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Price in Global Market $126.65 USD

Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Price in USD $126.65 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Sleepbreathe sleep breathing Monitor Price in India ₹9296.12 RUPEES


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