SkyProwler 2 Drone Price And Review

SkyProwler 2 Drone Price is $327.00 Dollar. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.24989.01 Indian Rupee. Today we will talk about SkyProwler 2 Drone. The drone is usually of various types but today we will discuss a type of Drone that is completely different from any other drones and we can fly in two ways and see who it is very much like airplanes. First of all, we can fly it in its own process, and second of all, we can fly it like an airplane. And we can fly it by its remote controller, and its range is 15km. we can fly this drone by drone mode about 20 minutes and we can fly it as an airplane mode about 1 hr. So, let’s discuss this drone.

What Is SkyProwler 2 Drone?

Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) by folding the arms of SkyProiler 2 and converting them. The fixed-wing folds these arms to reduce the air drug when transferred to flight. The SkyProiler 4K camera is 3D stable. Use the drop door for delivery. Remove the wings, and you have a high-performance quadcopter with the thruster.

SkyProwler 2 Drone

SkyProwler 2 Drone Price

SkyProwler 2 Drone Price is $327.00 Dollar. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.24989.01 Indian Rupee.

SkyProwler 2 Drone Specification

Product Name: SkyProwler 2 Drone

Battery: 16V (4 cells), 6,000 mAh

Materials: carbon fiber, 7075-T6 aluminum, lightweight foam, ABS

Weight of body with a tail: 985g/35oz

Wingspan: ~43inches/1,080mm

Length of body w/o tail and nose cone: ~25inches/640mm

SkyProwler 2 Drone

SkyProwler 2 Drone Features

The patent-pending switchblade mechanism forms the basis for the transformation of the skyscraper and skiproller. Planes fly fast and in order to fly fast, you need to be as clean as possible from the airspace. This is because the planes are long and narrow, somewhat drop-shaped, and come out as much as possible with a few ‘things’. The SkyProiler can be reconfigured to fly without wings. You can simply remove the wings and fly the SkyProiler like a more traditional Mihrotter. This makes it a slower aircraft with lower range and tolerance. But it does make it smaller and therefore it is better suited for smaller spaces.

SkyProwler 2 Drone


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