Skoda Klement Price in india | Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Review

Beyond the current legal limits that limit the functionality of today’s electric bikes, Skoda merges the categories of mopeds, scooters and electric bikes into a new class of electric transport that we don’t actually have. We are heading to the future to begin. Still a name. At Eurobike this weekend, the Czech car company will showcase the Klement concept.

Considered as an urban hideout, the Klement is a chunky-looking electric bike with neat-looking one-sided suspension arms on either end. However, there is no suspension. The rigid frame that absorbs bumps using medium-fat Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires.

Skoda Klement price in india

Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Review

The rear wheels are driven by a thick 4 kW (5.4 hp) hub motor. This allows you to take off on the way to reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h (28 mph) like a rocket. Two removable lithium-ion batteries provide a total of 1.25 kWh of energy storage, with a relatively light target weight of 25 kg (55 lb) Clement enabling a range of up to 62 km (38 mi).

Skoda Clement Concept e-bike
Skoda Clement Concept e-bike
Of course, the interesting point is the control method. There are no pedals here, only pairs of sloping footrests. Tilt them forward and the bike will accelerate. If you tilt it backward, the regenerative brake will be applied. When fully tilted backward, the pedals will activate the hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels. It makes up for the fact that it’s equipped with ABS and doesn’t feel very good. A brake that passes through the heel.

Skoda Klement price in india

Skoda Klement Smart E-bike How its Work!

Without levers and throttles, the handlebars are fairly sparse and the buttons on the lights, horns, and indicators are neat. If you need a speedometer or battery reading, you need to attach your smartphone to the frame.

There are only two buttons on each handlebar and speed/battery readings are relocated to the phone through the app
There are 2 buttons each on the handlebar and the speed/battery readout is relocated to the phone via appSkoda

It’s a clean concept and a surprisingly strange control system. But to be honest, it’s an innovation in its own right, and it’s probably not as controllable as a simple twist throttle or brake lever, nor is it suitable for use. These sloping footrests are less tactile and difficult to control when you stand up. And there is no good reason for them to exist.

On the other hand, if such concepts seem sufficiently different from full-fat motorcycles to regulatory agencies around the world, they probably break through the misery of the current electric bike law suffocating the next generation of clean commuter machines. Would help. Electromechanical transport configurations for this type of power level and range probably have speeds of up to 10 kW (13 hp) and up to 60 km / h (37 mph) and may have low barriers Get off the car A license and low-cost registration to encourage people to ride ultra-practical electrical options with a low-carbon footprint.

Skoda Klement price in india

Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Specification 

The wheel hub motor on the rear wheels outputs up to 4 kW and accelerates the bike to a maximum speed of 45 km / h. The two lithium-ion batteries feature 52 cells each, with a total capacity of 1,250 Wh, providing a range of up to 62 km. These batteries can be easily removed and recharged using a household plug socket. The brake energy recovery function also allows you to charge while driving. With a target weight of about. The 25 kg KLEMENT is always easy to operate.

The concept’s integrated light system includes LED headlights and brake lights, LED indicators integrated into the pedal, and daytime running lights. The smartphone holder with inductive charging is located just behind the crossbar handlebar. Smartphones are the key to maximizing the connectivity of electric bicycles. These can be used to link KLEMENT to all the innovative connectivity solutions offered by ŠKODA, such as coming home functionality, automatically triggered emergency calls, remote diagnostics and maintenance. Owners can also program restricted use areas through geo-fencing.

Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Price

If You Want to buy Skoda Klement Smart E-bike You Can Get This Product ₹592618 INR Rupees.
And This Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Price in Global Market $7,800 USD

Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Price in dollar $7,800 USD
Skoda Klement Smart E-bike Price in Indian Money ₹592618 RUPEES


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