SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens prices

SIRUI has introduced affordable portable 50mm and 35mm f 1.8 1.33x anamorphic lenses, which have won over 3.8 million sales through Indigogo and are very popular in the industry. In just 6 months, the third SIRII anmorphic lens-24mm F2.8 1.33x has finally entered the market.
SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens

SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Review

While all Sirui anmorphic lenses can give you a 2.4: 1 wide screen appearance, 50mm portrait photography works best, especially when the subject is close to the facial details. In addition, 35mm is good for adjusting subjects and backgrounds.
The new SIRII 24mm anmorphic lens can maximize camera coverage and is effective in a variety of scenes.

Finding one of the Sirui anomorphic lenses can make your film dreams come true but packing three lenses in your bag will help you to finally express the film industry.
Using an anomorphic lens can capture more horizontal information from the scene without changing the height.

A 24mm lens with a front cylindrical component can compress the image longer to fit the available sensor space, so when you use the post software to compress the recorded image, you can get a great widescreen movie lens. Spot the horizontal field by 1.33 times to create a 1-shape ratio. As the focal length is shortened to 24 mm, the viewing angle will be wider, creating a wider field of view.

SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens

SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Features

Capture clear road snapshots quickly with clear geometry, especially over long distances. Maintain the balance of the composition perfectly by highlighting a smooth, wide background and subject matter. Break the space limit to display more information in narrow spaces, such as when shooting flashing cities or early night scenes, opening the aperture wide-angle allows more light to speed up.
The front cylindrical lens component can extend the shape of the deflected details to an elliptical bodice and also scatter blue light to the left and right throughout the frame.

Two anmorphic lighting functions can enrich your shots and have a profound effect on the viewer.
Precise aluminum alloy increases the strength of the frame. The copper aperture and focus ring are combined with a solid housing housing with a non-slip tooth surface, which can achieve smooth and comfortable focusing and light adjustment.
Nano-coated advanced Scott glass lens components can suppress corrosion and vignettes, providing great resolution and clarity for movie images.

SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens

SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens, user mannual


SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Price

If You Want to buy SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens You Can Get This Product 55049 INR Rupees.
And This SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Price in Global Market $749 USD

SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Price in USD $749 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
SIRUI 24mm smart Anamorphic Lens Price in India ₹55049 RUPEES


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