Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Review and prices

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump, Use ordinary human liquid sensor pumps to keep your hands clean and germ-free in your home or business. It uses a high-efficiency pump design that maximizes forward flow and delivers soap or hand sanitizer in just 0.2 seconds. Fluid sensor pump, provides 8 fl. Ounce capacity with flexible valve spring.

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Review

This design provides fast and stable flow and prevents clutter. In addition, the gadget uses batteries that can last up to a year to provide cordless usage. Its stylish design allows it to be conveniently stored in bathrooms, kitchens or public places. Finally, its wide opening makes refilling quick, easy, and debris-free. Overall, its contact-free design prevents the spread of bacteria and provides the right amount of soap you need.

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Features

Life is a mess – the common man’s non-contact sensor pump makes it easy to clean without bacteria, grease or stains.
Non-drip valves – Flexible silicone valves can be closed quickly to create seals to prevent leaks.
Quick Delivery The common man’s high-efficiency pump delivers soap in 0.2 seconds
Precise Sensing – The sensor has a precise trigger area, which can achieve accurate and high-speed activation.

Volume control-Easy-access control buttons allow instant volume adjustment
No messy spillage – wide opening makes refilling quick, easy and no spills.
SIMPLEHUMAN SOAP – Designed for the best compatibility of our sensor pumps, our soap has a convenient 34 fl. Ounce refill bag.
Perfect for hand sanitizer – Ordinary soap pump can also be used with hand sanitizer and soap.
Power efficiency – Use 4 alkaline AA batteries (not included) for up to 1 year of continuous use.

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Specification 

Capacity:8 fl. oz.
Dispense Time:0.2 Secs
WEIGHT:11.2 ounces
DIMENSIONS:5.7 x 2.8 x 6.9 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump, user mannual


Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Price

If You Want to buy Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump You Can Get This Product ₹3070.98 INR Rupees.
And This Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Price in Global Market $40.96 USD

Simplehuman Liquid Sensor Pump Price in USD $40.96 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Simplehuman Liquid Pump Price in India ₹3070.98 RUPEES


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