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Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot price in INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Powerful motion control systems, interference suppression, and rapid response technology enable Lomo to move smoothly across a variety of surface types. This stability not only allows Lomo to capture high-quality video, but also helps to better assess its surroundings and establish computer vision.
Talk, explore, converse and experience as you were Lomo. Let you control LOOMO’s world!


Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Review

The mobile robot can be seen with its companions. Powerful motors and large-capacity batteries can reach speeds of up to 11 miles and 22 miles on a single charge. 11-inch anti-skid tires can run easily on uneven roads.
Remote presentation of avatars: With its advanced computer vision, Lomo can automatically follow you and shoot static videos. The Lumo app lets you talk, explore, converse and experience as if you were Lomo.

Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Features

Integrated with the powerful AI Intel RealSense: Equipped with the Intel RealSense ZR300 camera it can realize 3D perception, robot mapping and avoid obstacles. The 1080p HD camera with 30 Hz data stream and 2 infrared distance sensors help Lomo to be smarter.
Platform designed for unlimited integration. You can use Lumor’s Android SDK to create multiple interesting functions or practical solutions to Lumor’s wide range of mobility and AI activities. Maximum payload is 220 pounds

New skills can be unlocked via Air (OTA): Lomo is constantly updating its software and applications to include new features that will control you. A simple drag and drop interface will be released – users with no programming experience will be able to learn new techniques!

Go on a smooth, self-balancing transport powered by Segway.
Combined with the powerful AI Intel RealSense.
Auto-follow, video capture, touch and voice control.
Humorous expression and personality.
With free Android SDK and Air Update.
A platform designed for unlimited integration.

Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Specification 

WEIGHT:57.3 Pounds
DIMENSIONS:25.6 x 12.2 x 22.4 inches


Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Price

If You Want to buy Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot You Can Get This Product ₹131291.29 INR Rupees.
And This Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Price in Global Market $1799 USD

Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Price in USD $1799 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Segway Ninebot LOOMO Robot Price in India ₹131291.29 RUPEES


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