SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Price in India, USA

Sylvax is a unique portable vacuum sealing machine. Clip it to the keychain and use it if necessary. Simply connect your phone’s charging port to Sylvax and seal everything in 20 seconds.

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Review

As a reusable food bag, Sylvax vacuum sealer can help you prevent food wastage. This compact pocket-sized vacuum sealing device keeps your product more fresh than reusable bags. This food-saving solution combines the handheld vacuum sealer with large and small reusable bags. It is also very easy to use! Simply attach the Sylvax vacuum sealer to the reusable bag and then attach the mobile device to the vacuum sealer.

Next, start the vacuuming process এটি it can be done in seconds. After storing the food, simply wash the bag by hand or in the dishwasher and then reuse it for the next item. You can freeze and refrigerate food in these bags, or use it with sauce video gadgets. With this phone-powered vacuum sealer you can start wasting food and saving money.

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Features

Avoid dog bags at restaurants. Enjoy fresh food on the flight. Keep your favorite foods fresh and longer. In addition, the use of our convenient vacuum bag makes delicious meals easier.
How long do you take out a bag of shaking product from the back of the fridge and throw it in the trash can? It’s really good food and good money.
With Sylvax, you can say goodbye to wilted vegetables and spongy fruit. It can store meat, fish, fresh pasta etc. Continue buying bulk wheels of cheddar cheese. Sylvax will keep it fresh for months.

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Specification 

Small Bag Dimensions:7.7″ x 8.8″
Large Bag Dimensions:11.6″ x 8.8″
Vacuum Device Dimensions:4″ x 1″ x 0.7″
PACKAGE CONTENT:SealVax phone vacuum Sealer, USER MANNUAL


SealVax vacuum Sealer Price

If You Want to buy SealVax phone vacuum Sealer You Can Get This Product ₹1996.03 INR Rupees.
And This SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Price in Global Market $27 USD

SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Price in USD $27 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
SealVax phone vacuum Sealer Price in India ₹1996.03 RUPEES


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