Samsung Smart Windshield Review And Specification

Samsung Smart Windshield Review: There are many car head-up displays that show smartphone notifications on the windshield, but not so much on bikes and scooters. Now, Samsung and Yamaha’s Italian subsidiaries are teaming to create just that with a new smart windshield concept that puts text, calls, speed info, directions, and more in front of the rider. It’s not clear how the display works, but it’s like some kind of projector component mounted on a regular windshield base. Also, note that this is a concept and not for sale. Samsung has done similar things before, including making trucks “transparent” in the name of road safety.

Samsung Smart Windshield

Samsung Smart Windshield Review

Samsung has unveiled a new technology that adds a display connected to a smartphone to the windshield of a motorcycle. Samsung, in collaboration with the unveiled Yamaha, developed a new smart windshield prototype and applied its technology to the Tricity three-wheeled scooter.

Samsung Smart Windshield

Samsung Smart Windshield How its Works!

Smart Windshield displays information on a screen built into the shield itself. The screen is transparent and low in the shield so it doesn’t interfere with the rider’s view. The screen connects to your smartphone via WiFi. The phone app relays information to the screen and displays GPS navigation direct, email and messaging notifications, and incoming calls. The app can also automatically send a text reply to an incoming call to let callers know that they are out and cannot answer the call. In the future, technologies like Smart Windscreen could form an important part of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Yamaha is working with BMW and Honda to form the Connected Motorcycle Consortium, which is developing communication standards between bicycles. It’s not too difficult to see how a connected windshield display plays a role.

Samsung Smart Windshield

Samsung Smart Windshield Price

If You Want to buy Samsung Smart Windshield You Can Get This Product ₹2,989 INR Rupees.
And This Samsung Smart Windshield
Price in Global Market $39.25 USD

Samsung Smart Windshield Price in dollar $39.25 USD
Samsung Smart Windshield Price in Indian Money ₹2,989 RUPEES


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