ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Review

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum, The groundbreaking design of the ROIDMI EVA is a collection of dust collection bases and a collection of automatic mop cleaning modules. Large dust bag, enough to collect dust for 60 days. 4L large-capacity water tank separates clean water from dirty water The self-cleaning function on the ROIDMI EVA can automatically clean the mop so that it stays healthy and then return to the place where it stopped mopping and continuing to vacuum. In addition, the soft air function helps the mop to dry quickly to prevent mold and odor.

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Review

Use ROIDMI EVA self-cleaning and empty robot vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean. This smart vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the base station to clean the dirty mop. It has an auto-drying mop, which is mild and odor resistant. In addition, it has a large dust bag that can collect dust for up to 60 days! Also, there are three cleaning modes: sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.

It will automatically switch the mode according to the cleared area. In addition, its 12N pressed bionic mopping can clean and remove stubborn stains. In addition, its strong suction capacity of 3200 Pa does not leave any dust. 360-degree LDS scans from all directions to detect and avoid obstacles without getting stuck on small objects. Compatible with Alexa and Google, ROIDMI provides intelligent controls through the EVA app.

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Features

ROIDMI EVA has a MOP self-cleaning system. It will automatically detect mop dirt regularly and return to the base for quick cleaning. It sprays clean water on dirty MOP through a built-in pump and the MOP rotates quickly to scrape the washboard to remove the stuck dirt and then it is stored as waste water through an absorption system. After that, the vortex will be blown strong winds, the mop will dry automatically and quickly to prevent bacteria, bacteria, mild and odor.

Then, once the self-cleaning process is complete, it returns to where it left off to continue its floor cleaning work.
The two-in-one vacuuming and mopping, ROIDMI EVAWAT and Dry Automatic Sweeping Robot gives you 2 cleaning methods in one revolutionary robot. Support 3 modes – “vacuum mopping mode”, “vacuum mode”, “mopping mode”.

Different cleaning modes meet your different cleaning needs and deal with different situations. 3200Pa high suction super strong, without any dust. The 4-inch high-speed large MOP completely covers large floors without losing any angles. Also, the large MOP with 12N pressure helps to instantly remove stubborn stains and stains on the floor.
Strong suction means deep cleaning, but too strong will affect battery life and range of cleanliness.

The maximum pressure of the ROIDMI EVA is 3200Pa, which is enough to remove light dust, dirt and pet hair from hardwood floors and remove it from the carpet. A single charge can cover up to 200 square meters.

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Specification 

Dust Bag Capacity:60 Days
Cleaning Modes:Sweep, Vacuum, Mop
PACKAGE CONTENT:ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum, user mannual


ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Price

If You Want to buy ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum You Can Get This Product ₹52407.52 INR Rupees.
And This ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Price in Global Market $699 USD

ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Price in USD $699 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
ROIDMI EVA self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum Price in India ₹52407.52 RUPEES


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