Rode NT USB Microphone USB+Condenser Review Best Price Specification

Rode NT USB Microphone Audio equipment doesn’t go without depth. A common problem with audio equipment is that its price tag almost always indicates its quality. The higher the price, usually the higher the quality, and the lower the cost, the greater the compromise in the final result. The RØDE NT-USB Mini is changing that concept. The NT-USB Mini is a small, powerful, studio-quality condenser microphone that’s easy to put on your ears, eyes, and wallet for nearly half the price of a pair of Airpods.

road nt usb microphone

Road NT MicroPhone Features

* High-quality studio microphone with the convenience of a USB connection
* Includes pop shield, tripod desk stand, ring mount, storage pouch, 6m (20 inches) USB cable
* 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for zero-delay monitoring
* Direct mix control between mic input and source output
* Compatible with Apple® iPad
* Compatible with SMR shock mount and WS2 foam windshield
* 2-year extended warranty with microphone registration

The NT-USB is a very versatile side-address microphone, ideal for recording singing and music performances, as well as voice applications such as podcasting and voiceover.

Fully compatible with Apple iPad using all mainstream recording applications on Windows and Mac OS based computers and RØDE Rec, GarageBand, or other recording apps that accept external microphones. For use with Apple iPad, you need a suitable USB connection adapter such as the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

The body of the NT-USB is equipped with a stereo headphone monitoring (3.5mm) jack with no latency. This allows you to monitor the microphone input in real-time, adjust the monitoring level with the dial, and computer / iPad audio and microphone input.

Includes a premium pop filter. It fits into the base of a microphone and places the filter at an ideal distance from the capsule to minimize plosives (hard “B”, “T”, or “P” sounds that produce a jarring sound) Hold down. Singing and giving a speech. We also offer a high quality stand mount with industry-standard 3/8 inch threads, a desktop tripod stand that allows you to place your NT-USB at comfortable tabletop height, and a pouch to store your microphone when not in use. It will be done.

Rode NT USB Microphone Review

Created for streamers, gamers, musicians, podcasters, professionals, and basically anyone who wants to create audio content, the NT-USB Mini turns a small space called a desk into a literal recording booth. The perfect item. You can also connect the NT-USB Mini to your tablet by attaching the adapter

road nt usb microphone

Rode NT USB Microphone How its Work!

There are many things you can use the NT-USB Mini with right away. Using the USB interface, the microphone is ready for laptop compatibility and does not require any additional equipment such as a mixer or phantom power. Just plug in your microphone and you’re ready to go. The built-in pop filter reduces sudden pops (known as plosives) and keeps your recordings sharp and clear. On the other hand, you can use the volume knob built into the mic design to control the mic’s amp level. Designed for studio and out-of-studio use, the mic comes with a threaded base that connects to a studio mic stand, but for podcasting or indie recording, there’s a dedicated desk stand inside the box. There is. The desk stand has a 2-axis rotation function, so you can position the microphone as you wish. On the bottom right side is a flat magnetic base that holds the microphone in place and prevents it from accidentally falling over.

road nt usb microphone road nt usb microphone

Rode NT USB Microphone Specification 

Acoustic Principle- Pressure Gradient
Active Electronics- JFET impedance converter with the bipolar output buffer, A/D converter 16bit 48kHz
Capsule 0.50″
Polar Pattern- Cardioid
Resolution- 16-bit
Address Type- Side
Frequency Range- 20Hz – 20kHz
Maximum SPL- 110dBSPL
Power Options- USB bus-powered
Weight- 520g
Dimensions- 184mmH x 62mmW x 50mmD
Output- USB Output
Warranty- 1 year with free extension to 2 years

Rode NT USB Microphone Price

If You Want to buy Rode NT USB Microphone You Can Get This Product ₹6,941.62 INR Rupees.
And This Rode NT USB Microphone Price in Global Market $91 USD

Rode NT USB Microphone Price in dollar $91 USD
Rode NT USB Microphone Price in Indian Money ₹6,941.62 RUPEES


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