Ring Smart Lighting Solar price in India, USA, Review

Add Ring Smart Lighting to any area of ​​your home and control it via the Ring app. Turn the lights on or off when you go out, set a schedule and link the lights to compatible ring video doorbells and cameras See what happens when the lights detect movement
When speed can be detected, solar plumblights are very suitable for use in driveways and backyards, emitting up to 1200 lumens of white light in large spaces and heavy traffic areas.

When paired with Ring Bridge (included in the starter kit or sold separately), you can control from the Ring app, receive mobile notifications, and link to other Ring devices.
Expand the protection ring by grouping the Ring Smart Lite together and connecting compatible ring devices via the Ring app. When a light detects motion, it may turn on the other lights in the group and tell your ring doorbell and camera to start recording.

Ring Smart Lighting Solar

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Review

The new Ring Smart Lighting Solar can work easily in the sun, allowing you to effectively illuminate the outside of your home. In fact, a few hours of sunshine a day can charge these lights throughout the day. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, you can use it as a backup battery when needed. You can customize the operating time of these lights from the Ring app. Setting up routines from the app will be very easy and enables functions like “evening to dawn”.

This way, you can keep the lights dim at night and reach the desired brightness once the speed is detected. Motion-activated design simply makes this solar light energy efficient at night and makes it more efficient to detect harmful intruders. The kit has three lights: solar flood light, solar path light and solar step light

Ring Smart Lighting Solar

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Features

Ideal for driveway and backyard-solar floodlights, 1200 lumens of light are emitted when speed is detected.
Ring Bridge Included – This starter kit includes a ring bridge, so you can enable smart features for ring smart lights.
Smart functions-when connected to the Ring Bridge, you can receive mobile notifications via the Ring app, set a schedule, remotely turn lights on and off, customize settings, and connect to other ring devices.

Easy setup-connect with Ring Bridge, customize the settings via the Ring app and keep it in your ideal position.
The ring is powered by smart lights in direct sunlight to charge and store energy.
Use Alexa-Pair with selected Alexa-enabled devices via Ring Bridge to turn lights on and off based on your voice.
Safety Ring – Connect with other compatible ring devices via the “Ring” app to keep the group “Ring Smart Light” together and always know what’s going on at home.

Ring Smart Lighting Solar

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Specification 

Options:Solar Floodlight, Solar Pathlight, Solar Steplight
PACKAGE CONTENT:Ring Smart Lighting Solar, user mannual


Ring Smart Lighting Solar Price

If You Want to buy Ring Smart Lighting Solar You Can Get This Product 2200.95 INR Rupees.
And This Ring Smart Lighting Solar Price in Global Market $29.99 USD

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Price in USD $29.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Ring Smart Lighting Solar Price in India ₹2200.95 RUPEES


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