RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Review

The Regol USB 4 is not only a 100W fast power supply, 5K 60Hz display, 40 Gbps data transmission and Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, but this powerful function and visual design is also interesting.
The tip of the metal shell is covered with a dense armored fiber woven material to ensure that the cable is durable and free from tangles. And there is no end to terrible divisions or curves. Stop wasting money, because the cable will not last.

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Review

Each wire is braided with aramid fiber bread to increase stability and heat. The flexibility of these fibers increases protection and structure without compromising mobility to withstand abuse over the years. The data transmission speed of USB4 via USB-C is as high as 40 Gbps, so that the standard USB-C superstate realizes a compact port.

All these components provide the fastest and most convenient universal connection to any docking station, monitor or data device. For the first time, a port can connect multiple Thunderbolt devices, any monitor, and billions of USB devices (other adapters may be required).

Use the regular USB 4 cable equivalent cable, so that the copper core of the cable can transmit data quickly without being disturbed or damaged by environmental factors and ensures the safety of loading. The USB-C to USB-C cable has a built-in 56Ω pull-up resistor and 22AWG thick copper core to ensure safe loading. 30,000 insertion and removal tests and 30,000 bending tests ensure maximum durability. 5 times durable nylon braked wire is assembled with aluminum alloy shell to ensure durability and no tangle. A great choice for durable and expensive USB-C to USB-C wires.

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Features

The RIGOAL USB4 cable can transfer data at amazing speeds up to 40 GB. You can transfer music, movies or whole TV shows in seconds. High-capacity data capacity 40 Gbps makes it an ideal choice for high-definition video with a single wire docking solution for connecting to the R dock and then driving 2 displays.
Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S10 + / S9 + / S8 + Note 9/8, Experience and rotate the desktop provided by the mobile phone to connect the smartphone to the display. Therefore, you can turn any space into a workplace.

The RIGOAL USB4 cable is the perfect travel companion. Only one cable is allowed to meet your needs. Charge your phone, listen to music, play videos on your phone to TV, and transfer photos to your computer at maximum speed. Charge or update your GPS device and many other uses. It supports power transmission up to 100 watts and provides fast charging for the MacBook Pro. The MacBookPro (13 inches) charges from 65% in 30 minutes.

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Two-lane operation with up to 40Gbps operation (over certified cables), using the USB-C connection;More efficient sharing between data and display protocols;Compatibility with USB 3.2, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and even Thunderbolt 3;USB4 offer intelligent Power Delivery at up to 100W. The Power Delivery over USB4 is bi-directional, allowing power to flow to and from a connected device.


RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Price

If You Want to buy RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables You Can Get This Product 1305 INR Rupees.
And This RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Price in Global Market $17.93 USD

RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Price in USD $17.93 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
RIGOAL World Powerful USB4 Cables Price in India ₹1305 RUPEES


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