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RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Price in India, USA, Review

RHA ANC technology eliminates harmful external noise and great attention ahead of competitors Therefore, you can find your focus anywhere.
2 External microphones record the world around you and True Control will create an anti-shuffle function to eliminate these sounds.

ANC can eliminate interference. Get rid of the fury of office keyboards or the excitement of subway and immerse yourself in your own soundtrack

RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Review

RHA True Control ANC Bluetooth earbuds allow you to fully control the sound you hear because they adjust to environmental modes. They also provide advanced noise reduction features to block interference sounds from the surrounding environment. These comfortable earbuds provide high-quality Bluetooth connectivity and are also optimized for Qualcomm CVC, Aptex and AAC.

Also, you can enjoy five hours of battery life after a full charge. The supplied box is fully charged, you can charge another 15 hours. Use the connected iOS and Android apps to adjust the earbud equivalent to your liking. Finally, no matter where you are, you can use RHA True Control ANC earplugs because they have an IPX4 rated sweat and waterproof design.

RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Features

Listen to the sound you want to hear through unprecedented ANC and compatible environmental mode.
High-quality Bluetooth sound quality optimized by Qualcomm CVC, AptX and AAC.
Charge every 5 hours Audio, Total 20 hours with wireless charging box.
Use the RHA Connect app for Apple and Android to adjust the EQ to your liking.
Active use of sweat and water resistance reaches IPX4.

Internal tests of the competitors’ products show that True Control ANC has developed great attention throughout the entire audio range.

RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$299.95
PACKAGE CONTENT:RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds, user mannual


RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Price

If You Want to buy RHA TrueControl Earbuds You Can Get This Product ₹22123.88 INR Rupees.
And This RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Price in Global Market $299.95 USD

RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Price in USD $299.95 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
RHA TrueControl Bluetooth Earbuds Price in India ₹22123.88 RUPEES


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