ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Prices

RSPR SLF uses proprietary technology to generate more than a million charged ions, which can purify your breathing space. Air particles attract charged ions through electronically attractive attraction and make them heavier to stay in the air. This process can effectively remove particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter, including viruses, smoke, pollen, allergens and pathogenic bacteria.

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Review

The RSPR SLF wearable air purifier keeps the air you breathe clean. This TSA-approved gadget uses powerful ionization technology to combine with small air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust, before they fall to the ground before breathing. Doing so will create a three-foot-long region (more than seven) and a million charged ions that can clear your breathing space.

Furthermore, this wearable air purifier is light in weight and delicate in whispers, so don’t forget to wear it. Furthermore, it requires no maintenance and has easy one-button operation. This gadget adds a layer of protection to your breathing space and significantly increases the effectiveness of the mask. If you don’t have a wearable air purifier, you won’t want to go anywhere.

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Features

RSPR Technologies has partnered with NASA’s Ospark program, a stem education program designed to contribute to the Technology and Privacy Development Foundation as part of each purchase.
RSPR-owned technology has been used in hospitals, airports and homes around the world. SELF uses the same technology in lightweight wearable units.
SLF is small and portable, and can produce over a million million charged ions.

These ions will attach to small particles and move away from the air around the respiratory tract.
Just 1 hour of smart USB charging can provide more than 24 hours of clean and safe air around your breathing, helping wearers fight air pollutants including bacteria and viruses by significantly reducing the concentration of air pollutants around them. Protect space and earth from potential dangers.

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Specification 

WEIGHT:1.5 oz.
DIMENSIONS:1.9″ H x 2.95″ W x 0.7″ D
PACKAGE CONTENT:ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier, user mannual


ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Price

If You Want to buy ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier You Can Get This Product ₹10215.21 INR Rupees.
And This ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Price in Global Market $139 USD

ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Price in USD $139 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
ReSPR SeLF Wearable Air Purifier Price in India ₹10215.21 RUPEES


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