Renpho Smart Jump Rope Price in India, USA, Review

Renpho Smart Jump Rope,The most convenient aerobic exercise: Use RENPHO smart rope skipping, you can get more efficient, low cost and happy aerobic exercise. The skipping rope is light and portable, and can be used flexibly inside or out. Emphasis on exercise will help maintain a strong body and effectively improve cardiorespiratory function and endurance.
Reach your fitness goals with the app Rainfo Fit: You can easily analyze and track your regular exercise data. You can keep track of the total number of skips, calorie burn and clutter you have when you skip to reach your fitness goals.

Renpho Smart Jump Rope

Renpho Smart Jump Rope Review

Use the Renfo Smart Rope to help you achieve your fitness goals. It has an application connection function that can track your skip time, total skip time, calorie burn and even trapping number. Rainfo Smart Rope Skipping has three jumping modes – free jumping, time countdown and digital countdown – so you can make your exercise fun or challenging as you wish.

Also, its smart handle has a non-slip foam handle for extra comfort. In addition, you can definitely see the rope information during the exercise. Most importantly, the three-meter rope protects the entire surface from damage, allowing you to use it on hard, carpeted surfaces. In general, track your daily exercise and use this sports accessory to make your daily exercise more lively.

Renpho Smart Jump Rope

Renpho Smart Jump Rope Features

Three smart rope skipping modes: There are 3 transport modes to choose from for the exercise skipping rope (free jumping / time countdown / digital countdown). Our skipping rope is a built-in chip, equipped with 3 sensitive and precise hall sensors, which can accurately calculate the data of each jump to ensure the accuracy of the data.
Adjustable PVC Steel Wire Rope: The skipping rope counter adopts 3M / 9.85FT PVC steel wire rope, which is durable and not tangled. PVC winding wire rope can be applied to almost any type of flooring such as concrete floors, floor tiles, wood and stone roads.

No need to cut, can be adjusted quickly. If you need cordless skipping, please search R-P001 (1 pack) / R-P002 (2 pack).
Clear LCD display and comfortable foam handle: Our men’s fitness skipping rope is equipped with a lightweight foam handle made with eco-friendly ABS and EVA materials. The foam handle provides you with a comfortable touch and slip resistance during exercise. Additionally, the main handle is embedded with a high-definition LCD display to display user-avoided data, such as skipping time or total skipping rope.

Renpho Smart Jump Rope

Renpho Smart Jump Rope Specification 

Skipping Modes:3
Rope Materials:TPU, PVC, Steel Wire
Rope Length:3 Metres
PACKAGE CONTENT:Renpho Smart Jump Rope, user mannual


Renpho Smart Jump Rope Price

If You Want to buy Renpho Smart Jump Rope You Can Get This Product ₹1503.73 INR Rupees.
And This Renpho Smart Jump Rope Price in Global Market $19.99 USD

Renpho Smart Jump Rope Price in USD $19.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Renpho Smart Jump Rope Price in India ₹1503.73 RUPEES


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